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Fatal pedestrian crash investigated in Dumfries

DUMFRIES — A man was struck and killed on Route 1 in Dumfries.

It happened about 8:30 p.m. near the intersection of Graham Park Road, near Triangle Shopping Center.

A victim is a homeless man who was pronounced dead on the scene, we’re told by a police source. Prince William police are investigating the crash.

We’re told the striking vehicle did not stay on scene.

More as we have it.

Photos: Sammoto Yamosa 

Metro in doubt and CTE on the rise, Prince William rethinks economic development

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Produce allegedly violated in Manassas grocery store

Now making national news, an alleged produce violation has resulted in an arrest of a Manassas man. From the Manassas City police report:

Destruction of Property/Indecent Exposure

On September 15, 2018 at approximately 4:37 p.m., officers of the Manassas City Police Department responded to 10100 Dumfries Rd (Giant Food) for a report of destruction of property. A loss prevention employee reported the suspect was seen picking-up produce, pulling down his pants, rubbing the produce on his buttocks, and replacing the produce back on the shelf. As a result, the store had to destroy several pallets of produce. The suspect, later identified as Michael Dwayne JOHNSON, was arrested by officers on-scene.

                Arrested: JOHNSON, Michael Dwayne, a 27-year-old resident of Manassas

                                Charges: Destruction of Property, Indecent Exposure


Update on Fairfax County 4-vehicle fatal crash

According to an email from the Virginia State Police:

At 4:31 a.m. Tuesday (Sept. 18), the Virginia State Police responded to a multi-vehicle crash in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 66 at the 162 mile marker.

The crash involved four vehicles, including three pickup trucks and a Toyota sedan. The cause and sequence of the crash remain under investigation at this time. No charges have been placed.

The driver of the Toyota, Juan Bernabe Reinaga Zapata, 21, of Manassas, Va., died at the scene.

Two other drivers were transported to Fairfax Inova Hospital for treatment of serious but non-life threatening injuries.

All eastbound lanes were cleared by 8:30 a.m.

Castaways Repertory Theatre performing ‘The Madwoman of Chaillot’

Castaways Repertory Theatre will be performing “The Madwoman of Chaillot, a comedic play that divides the world between artists and men of business. From the press release:

Castaways Repertory Theatre Presents

By Jean Giraudoux, adapted by Maurice Valency
Produced by Special Arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc
Director Harry Kantrovich

A beautifully comedic play of stark contrasts in human character, The Madwoman of Chaillot divides the world sharply between the artists and the men of business. The businessmen, whom are called by their profession rather than by name, are interested only in finding new ways to become wealthier. They do not tolerate anyone but their own kind. On the other hand, the poets, musicians, vagabonds, and artists only want to create and to love and enjoy one another. The bohemians are a vanishing lot; the businessmen are taking over and corrupting everything that is pure and full of life. The Prospector, the Broker, and the President have discovered oil beneath the streets of Paris and seek to destroy whatever they must in order to get it. Their nefarious plans come to the attention of Countess Aurelia, the benignly eccentric madwoman of the title. She is an aging idealist who sees the world as happy and beautiful. But, advised by her associate, the Ragpicker, who is a bit more worldly than the Countess, she soon comes to realize that the world might well be ruined by these evil men—men who seek only wealth and power and acts as the core of creative thought to stop the darkness from taking control of their world.

Mainstage* Performances: Sep 21, 22, 28, 29 and Oct 5, 6 at 8:00 pm.
Sep 23, 29 and Oct 7 at 2:00 pm.

The Cast by Name and Character :
Claudine Andola – Police Woman/Little Person
Brenda Brummer- Broker
Nancy Cahill – Countess Aurelia
Journey Cole – Flower Girl/Street Singer
Jan Dylewski – Josephine
Becky Farris – Gabrielle
Jill Jago – Waiter
Kieran Weldon – Pierre
Rachel Johnston – Deaf Mute
Dee McCollum – President
Ed Johnson – Prospector
Courtney Petko – Irma
Walter Stewart – Dr. Jadin
Eric Trumbull – Ragpicker/Sewer Man
Sallie Willows – Baroness/Lady
Denise Wilson -Morgan- Constance
Wendy Labenow – Peddler/Doorkeeper

The performance will take place at the Ferlazzo Building, 15941 Donald Curtis Dr., Woodbridge.

‘Jasper’ the Pit Bull gets second chance as police K9

Jasper, a two-year-old Pit Bull mix has a second chance and a job as a police K9. From the Prince William Humane Society press release:

The Prince William Humane Society teamed up with Off Leash K9 Training and the Throw Away Dogs Project to repurpose, train, and relocate one of their own rescue dogs to an Indiana Police Department.

Jasper is a two-year-old Pit Bull mix who was originally found as a stray and turned into the Prince William County Animal Shelter. Through their community partnership with the county shelter, the Prince William Humane Society transferred Jasper to their offsite adoption center and immediately set out to find his forever home. It became clear early on that his extreme high level of energy, loyalty, and ball drive made him destined for something unique and with a purpose to serve.

After two initial assessments by Nick White at Off Leash K9 Training, he paired us up with the wonderful people at the Throw Away Dogs Project who specialize in repurposing, training, and relocating unique dogs to positively impact our communities. Jasper’s progress through the program over the past several weeks has been amazing; the potential that this shelter dog demonstrated to his trainers is now becoming a reality.

Our K9 Jasper now has a job. Upon completion of his Narcotic Detection Training with the Throw Away Dogs Project, Jasper will head to Indiana to meet his new handler, live happily in his forever home, and serve the citizens of Kennard, Indiana as a member of the Kennard Police Department. From shelter to service – Jasper is the epitome of why all of us involved in animal welfare do what we do. Congratulations to Jasper and the amazing team at Throw Away Dogs Project for giving this sweet boy a second chance on life.

Crash investigation leads to alleged assault on law enforcement officers, drug arrest, more

A crash investigation lead to an alleged assault on law enforcement officers, drug arrest and more. From the Prince William police report:

Assault & Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) – On September 17 at 12:51AM, officers responded to the 13600 block of Mapledale Ave in Woodbridge (22193) to investigate a single vehicle crash. Officers subsequently responded to a residence located in the 5300 block of Qualey Pl in an attempt to make contact with the registered owner of the vehicle. When officers arrived, they made contact with a woman standing outside of the home. During the encounter, the woman, identified as Demetria Le Rhonda BRYANT, became agitated and disorderly. Officers further determined that BRYANT was intoxicated and arrested her. As officers were attempting to place BRYANT into a police cruiser, she resisted and kicked an officer in the arm. Officers deployed pepper spray and secured the accused without further incident. No injuries were reported. During a subsequent search of BRYANT, narcotics were recovered. A short time later, a resident of the home, Shatie Nicole THROWER, also became disorderly towards officers. When officers attempted to place her under arrest, she resisted and began kicking and swinging her arms at two officers. A TASER was deployed and THROWER was eventually detained without further incident. Minor injuries were reported. Following the investigation, both BRYANT and THROWER were transported to the Prince William – Manassas Adult Detention Center without further incident.

Arrested on September 17:

Demetria Le Rhonda BRYANT, 26, of 14455 Minnieville Rd in Woodbridge

Charged with assault & battery on a LEO, possession of a schedule I or II narcotic, obstruction of justice, and intoxicated in public

Court Date: October 26, 2018 | Bond: Held WITHOUT bond

Shatie Nicole THROWER, 30, of 5302 Qualey Pl in Woodbridge

Charged with 2 counts of assault & battery on a LEO, disorderly conduct, and intoxicated in public

Court Date: November 7, 2018 | Bond: Held WITHOUT bond



Prince William’s ‘moonshot goal’ to increase commercial tax base too ambiguous

On September 12th the Prince William Chamber of Commerce hosted its Policy Committee Meeting where we heard and engaged in a conversation with senior Prince William County Staff on the topic of the County’s Strategic Plan and more importantly, discussed the County’s “Moonshot Goal”.

The “Moonshot Goal” is to increase the percentage of commercial tax revenues to 35% of the County’s existing tax receipts. It is the only quantifiable goal in the approved plan, and it is ambiguous. The approved plan did not specify whether the goal was limited to real property taxes or to all taxes paid by businesses. The business community’s share of taxes is currently about 16% of all county real estate taxes, and roughly 24% of all general fund taxes collected.

In 2017 when this goal was first approved by the Board of County Supervisors, the Chamber’s Board of Directors was opposed to it…and, after hearing from County Staff on the “ins and outs” of the proposal, reaffirms that position.

An economic development goal for reducing the tax burden on county residents is laudable but goals should be achievable, strategic and measureable. Rather than relying on real estate taxes at a time when businesses are moving substantial portions of their infrastructure to the internet, the county needs to carefully review its policies and procedures to be sure that the government is strategically targeting those things that are important to the community and consistent with its long term goals. That will mean in large part that the county will update outdated policies and procedures to adapt to the new economy and diversify County revenue streams. In addition to the 35% goal being unattainable, focusing on a specific number for property taxes, like the “Moonshot Goal” will not create a diversified tax base, and will simply add to the cost of consumer goods and services within the community.

The 35% is a measurement, not a strategic goal. We strongly reaffirm our position from 2017 and encourage the Board of County Supervisors to revisit this issue and replace the measurement with a set of achievable, sustainable and measurable objectives for economic growth that will facilitate continued success for the business community and our residents.


Betty Dean
Prince William Chamber of Commerce

UMW poll shows Kaine ahead of Stewart, but race ‘likely to tighten up as the contest draws nearer’

The survey, conducted September 4-9 for UMW by the national research firm SSRS, found that Kaine had a 51 percent to 33 percent margin among registered voters and a 52 percent to 36 percent margin among likely voters. Libertarian candidate Matt Waters received 5 percent support in both subsets of Virginians.

Among all respondents, Kaine held a 49 percent to 30 percent advantage. The remaining respondents were uncertain or declined to express a preference.

“The latest Mary Washington survey demonstrates that Tim Kaine remains popular in Virginia,” said Stephen J. Farnsworth, professor of political science at the University of Mary Washington and director of its Center for Leadership and Media Studies. “But any statewide election in ‘purple’ Virginia is likely to tighten up as the contest draws nearer.”

About one-third of those surveyed said that President Trump would be a major factor in their Senate vote, and Kaine had the support of those voters by a 60 percent to 35 percent margin. Stewart has the support of 92 percent who said they voted for Trump two years ago, while 93 percent of the Hillary Clinton supporters back Kaine, who was Clinton’s vice presidential running mate in 2016.

The Clinton-Kaine ticket carried Virginia by more than five percentage points that year.

Among Democrats, 90 percent support Kaine. Stewart has the support of 73 percent of Republicans, and Kaine picks up 15 percent.

“By September, successful candidates usually have their partisans locked down,” Farnsworth said. “That so many Republicans favor Kaine at this point in the election is terrible news for Corey Stewart.”

There is evidence of a substantial gender gap in voter preferences. Women favored Kaine by a 52 percent to 27 percent margin. Among men, Stewart was ahead, 55 percent to 47 percent.

Among Stewart supporters, 39 percent said that immigration was the most important problem facing the country, followed by 18 percent identifying the economy and jobs. Among Kaine’s supporters, 29 percent said health care was the most important issue, as compared to 17 percent saying the economy and jobs.

Kaine has a huge advantage in Northern Virginia, where he enjoys a 63 percent to 20 percent margin, and in Tidewater, where he enjoys a 50 percent to 28 percent margin. Respondents in the western regions of the state backed Stewart by a 44 percent to 33 percent margin, his best regional performance.

Among levels of education, Stewart did best with those who did not graduate from high school, where he had a 42 percent to 29 percent advantage over Kaine. Kaine did best with those who had at least a college degree, where he had a 61 percent to 24 percent advantage.

White respondents were divided, with 42 percent expressing support for Kaine and 41 percent expressing support for Stewart. African Americans favored Kaine by 71 percent to 4 percent for Stewart, as compared to a 51 percent to 11 percent margin favoring Kaine among Latinos.

Survey Information:

The University of Mary Washington’s Virginia Survey Fall 2018 obtained telephone interviews with a representative sample of 801 adults, ages 18 or older, living in Virginia. Telephone interviews were conducted by landline (281) and cell phone (520). The survey was conducted by SSRS. Interviews were done in English from September 4 to 9, 2018. Statistical results are weighted to correct known demographic discrepancies. The margin of sampling error for the complete set of weighted data is ± 4.6 percentage points. For resulted based on registered voters [N=704] the margin of sampling error is ±5.0 percentage points. For resulted based on likely voters [N=512] the margin of sampling error is ±5.8 percentage points.

Updated: Fatal crash at Sudley Road and Godwin Drive investigated

Updated. From the Manassas City police report:

Fatal Crash Investigation

On September 17, 2018 at approximately 9:21 p.m., officers from the Manassas City Police Department responded to the intersection of Sudley Rd and Godwin Dr for a report of a single vehicle crash. The preliminary investigation revealed the victim was travelling on Godwin Dr when he suffered a medical emergency causing him to collide with a guardrail at the intersection of Godwin Dr and Sudley Rd. The victim was transported to a local area hospital where he was pronounced dead.   The victim has been identified as David Morales DAVIS, a 53 year-old resident of Manassas. 


MANASSAS — One person is dead after a crash late Monday in Manassas.

City police were called to the interaction of Sudley Road and Godwin Drive about 10:30 p.m.

Police have released few details about the crash. We’re told it involved one vehicle.

The crash scene was cleared shortly after 11 p.m.

Police said the crash is under investigation. Multiple lanes of Sudley Road were closed during the investigation.

Mayor Parrish: What IBM saw in Manassas 50 years ago Micron sees, too

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‘9 to 5,’ a story friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era to take Hylton stage

MANASSAS — (Press Release) Prince William Little Theatre presents the musical comedy 9 to 5, The Musical at the Hylton Performing Arts Center.  This show is based on the seminal 1980 hit movie with music and lyrics by Dolly Parton and book by Patricia Resnick. 9 to 5, The Musical is produced by arrangement with MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL.

Set in the late 1970s, this hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era is outrageous, thought-provoking and even a little romantic. It centers on the downtrodden working lives of three women, Violet (Jolene Vetesse), Judy (Christine Laird), and Doralee (Laura Mills). Pushed to the boiling point, these three female co-workers concoct a plan to get even with the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot they call their boss Franklin Hart (Joey Olson). In a hilarious turn of events, Violet, Judy, and Doralee live out their wildest fantasy–giving their boss the boot. While Hart remains “otherwise engaged,” the women give their workplace a dream makeover, taking control of the company that had always kept them down. Hey, a girl can scheme, can’t she?

The production is directed and produced by Melissa Jo York-Tilley, music directed by James Maxted, choreographed by Melanie McGuin and Jonathan Fair, and stage managed by Mary Ann Hall.

Performances are in the Gregory Family Theater at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, located on the George Mason University campus at 10960 George Mason Circle in Manassas, VA for TWO WEEKENDS ONLY on the following dates and times:

October 12, 2018 at 8:00 pm
October 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm
October 13, 2018 at 8:00 pm
October 14, 2018 at 2:00 pm
October 18, 2018 at 8:00 pm
October 19, 2018 at 8:00 pm
October 20, 2018 at 8:00 pm
October 21, 2018 at 2:00 pm

PLEASE NOTE: This show is not suited for children and should be considered PG-13.

Tickets are $25 for Adults, $20 for Seniors/Students/Active Military and $15 for Children 12 and Under. Tickets are available at the door or can be purchased online.

Producer/Director: Melissa Jo York-Tilley
Music Director: James Maxted
Co-Choreographers: Melanie McGuin and Jonathan Fair
Stage Manager: Mary Ann Hall
Lighting/Technical Design: Kurt Gustafson
Costume Designer: Michelle Matthews
Sound Designer: Matthew Scarborough
Properties Designer: Kelsey Moran
Hair & Make-up Design: Caroline Scarborough
Set Design: Nicholas Mastrangelo
Dialect Coach: Ivy Cole
Accompanist: Justin Streletz
Sound Engineer: Noah Fraize

Violet Newstead – Jolene Vettese
Doralee Rhodes – Laura Mills
Judy Bernly – Christine Laird
Franklin Hart, JR – Joey Olson
Roz Keith – Melanie McCleerey
Joe – Matthew Scarborough
Dwayne – Joshua Wilson
Josh/Ensemble – Jonathan Rodriguez
Russel Tinsworthy/Ensemble – Drew Fleming
Dick Bernly/Ensemble – Jay Wells

Ensemble: Marissa Dolcich, Benjamin Foster, Debbie Franck, Becca Harney, Fiala Havasek, Nick MacFarlane, Chrissy Mastrangelo, Melanie McGuin, Luke Messenger, Andrew Morin, Katie Morris, Trevor Nordike, Jen Rodriguez, Caroline Scarborough, Aaron Talley, Esther Tennyson, Alex Tyree and Kathy Young.

Prince William Little Theatre (PWLT) is a community theater organization based in Manassas, Virginia, Prince William County. Providing quality local community theater since 1984, we are a volunteer non-profit organization partly funded by grants from the Prince William County Park Authority, the City of Manassas, and private contributions. We provide quality community theater productions (musicals, plays, drama, comedy, and one-act performances) several times a year as well as fundraisers. Beginning in 2010, PWLT began performing at the Gregory Family Theater in the Hylton Performing Arts Center at the George Mason University Campus located in Manassas, Virginia located in Prince William County.

For more information about PWLT, please visit

Leave the car at home on Car Free Day

Car Free Day is an annual event that encourages drivers to leave their cars at home and find more environmentally and health-friendly ways to travel. From the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments press release:
Commute to a Healthier Lifestyle on Car Free Days – September 21 and 22
Washington, D.C. (September 13, 2018) – Commuter Connections, the American Lung Association, and the American Heart Association urge residents to take the pledge to go car free or car-lite on Friday, September 21, and/or Saturday, September 22, 2018 to celebrate Car Free Day
Car Free Day is an annual event that encourages drivers to leave their cars at home and find more environmentally and health-friendly ways to travel and get around.
“Commuter Connections offers commuters the services they need to find healthier transportation alternatives. By going car free, including teleworking, or going car-lite, such as by carpooling, commuters can reduce the time they spend sitting in traffic,” said Nicholas Ramfos, Commuter Connections Director. “Pledging to go car free demonstrates a commitment to improving the overall health of the region by decreasing emissions and reducing traffic congestion.”
“Going car-free or car-lite is one important way to help improve air quality. We at the American Lung Association are excited to join forces with Commuter Connections to spread the word about Car Free Day on September 22,” said Laura Hale, American Lung Association Advocacy Manager. “Both of our organizations support reducing pollution and making sure that the air we breathe is clean and healthy.”
In addition to helping improve air quality, through participation in Car Free Days by bicycling, walking, taking public transportation, or a combination of the above, commuters can also increase their physical fitness which when done on a regular basis can lead to improved health.
“We are proud to partner with Commuter Connections to support our community, the environment, and create heart healthy habits. Walking or biking during your commute is a great way to get in your 30-minutes of daily exercise to reduce your risk of heart disease,” said Soula Antoniou, American Heart Association Executive Director.
Everyone who signs up to take the free pledge at will receive a District Taco promo code for $3 OFF an online order of $10 or more, and will be automatically entered in a raffle for a chance to win great prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy Tab, gift cards from Giant Food Stores, VRE commuter train round-trip passes, $25 SmarTrip fare cards, Capital Bikeshare annual memberships, annual Washington Area Bicyclist Association memberships, and more! Raffle prizes were made possible by the generosity of many local businesses who are using this opportunity to support going green and cleaner air for the region.

Prince William County encourages voting in-person, absentee

WOODBRIDGE — (Press Release) There is a general election on Nov. 6, and Prince William County encourages all eligible residents to vote. If you aren’t available to vote on Nov. 6, there are plenty of opportunities to vote absentee, which starts on Sept. 21.
The list for those who are eligible to vote absentee is rather broad and allows for absentee voting under a wide array of circumstances. Those include people living outside of the country, students attending college, commuters who will be away from the county for more than 11 hours between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Election Day, first responders, those with a disability or illness, people with a religious obligation, and active duty military and their spouses, among others. Visit the Prince William County Office of Elections website at for a complete list of absentee voting qualifications.
People who wish to vote absentee will need to fill out an application and return it to the Office of Elections, located at 9250 Lee Avenue in Manassas, by Tuesday, Oct. 30, in order to request that a ballot be mailed.
The application can be completed in several ways. Registered voters, with the appropriate identification, who wish to vote absentee in-person can fill out the application at their designated absentee voting location and vote the same day. Designated absentee in-person voting locations in the county include:
· Office of Elections at 9250 Lee Avenue in Manassas
· Haymarket-Gainesville Community Library at 14870 Lightner Road in Haymarket
· Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles Office at 2713 Caton Hill Road in Woodbridge
People with a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles license or identification card can register to vote online at the Virginia Department of Elections website.
Those who are not registered to vote will have to wait five days for a ballot to be issued, with the exception of military and overseas voters, according to the Virginia Department of Elections website.
The following is a list of significant voting dates:
Sept. 21, 2018 – Absentee voting begins.
Oct. 8, 2018 – The Office of Elections and all absentee voting locations are closed.
Oct. 15, 2018 – The last day to register for the November General Election.
Oct. 30, 2018 – The deadline to request a ballot by mail for the November General Election.
Nov. 3, 2018 – The last day to vote absentee in-person for the November General election.
Nov. 6, 2018 – Election Day.
For more information, call the Prince William County Office of Elections at 703-792-6470 or email Find sample ballots at

Trump tax cuts ‘will hit Stafford County residents especially hard’ on state returns

The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” signed into law last December brought tax relief to middle-class Americans across the country. However, it will have the unintended consequence of causing tax bills to rise for over middle-class taxpayers and will hit Stafford County residents especially hard given Stafford’s high rate of homeownership and burgeoning middle-class.

In a recent video posted on Facebook, Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue Scott Mayausky explains the incompatibility issue that exists between the federal and state returns and how it will impact Virginia’s middle-class.  The video has connected with taxpayers as it was shared more than 275 times and watched 10,000 times within a 4-day period. 

At issue is the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” doubling of the standard deduction to $24,000. This change will cause hundreds of thousands of people to stop itemizing deductions and take the standard deduction. 

While this will save Virginian’s on the federal return, it will hurt them on the state return because Virginia law requires they make the same deduction status on the state return as they did on the federal return.

The video explains this process through a sample return of a couple filing jointly with $20,000 of itemized deductions on the federal return.  If that same couple takes the $24,000 standard deduction (instead of itemizing) on the federal return, their state tax bill will rise by $691.

This hidden tax increase will generate $600 million of new revenue making it one of the most significant tax increases in the history of Virginia with very few people know about the issue, or are prepared for the dramatic rise in their state income tax bill that will come due next spring. 

The video’s goal is to educate Virginia taxpayers who are largely unaware of this issue and provide transparency to state tax policies.

Eagle Scout installs medicine collection dropbox at Express Pharmacy in Lake Ridge

My name is Parth Patel, a resident of Dumfries, Virginia. I am a rising senior at Forest Park High School and a Boy Scout of America, Troop 501, Woodbridge, Virginia.


As you may have heard that the highest rank in Boy Scout of America is the Eagle Award which includes a community service project. I am proud to inform you that I am currently pursuing to achieve this rank. The purpose of any Eagle Scout project is to help the local community in a positive way, gives an opportunity to Boys Scout to obtain a lifetime experience and develop leadership skills.

Project Details:

My project will include to purchase a medicine collection dropbox and to install it at Express Pharmacy, [Lake Ridge], Virginia. I will also be organizing a one-day event when the people of our community can come and dispose of their unwanted medication in a safe and secure disposal box located at this location. Through this event, my other scout members can educate our community the right way to dispose of their unwanted/expired medications.

Purpose of this project:

Many citizens of our community believe flushing their medication down the toilet is a safe and effortless way of disposing of but in reality, it can end up polluting our water, impacting aquatic species and contaminating our food and water supplies.

Some medications are thrown in the household trash which does not ensure that curious kids can’t get to them. There’s an epidemic of accidental poisonings from medicines from in our homes – and children are the most common victims. Human medications are the leading cause of pet poisonings, most often from trash-related toxic exposures. It is also unwise to keep those expired medications at home especially around children at home because they might find it and see those medications as candy and might try to eat it.

Project requirement:
As part of completing my eagle scout project, one of the requirements is to get the signature from a non-profit organization. I would like to request local police department to sign as beneficiary. There will be NO COST to the police department for this project.

Abduction, strangulation charges filed in Prince William County

From Prince William police: 


Abduction | Violation of a Protective Order – On September 13 at 7:20AM, officers responded to investigate a domestic assault at an apartment located in the 14300 block of Jeffries Rd in Woodbridge (22191). The victim, a 47-year-old woman, reported to police that she has been involved in an ongoing domestic dispute with the accused, an acquaintance, since August 26. The investigation revealed that on August 26, the accused allegedly refused to let victim out of his sight when she wanted to leave the apartment. At some point, the accused took the victim’s cell phone when she attempted to contact police. The parties eventually separated, and the victim eventually obtained a protective order against the accused on September 10. The accused subsequently violated the protective order by contacting the victim on September 12. The victim eventually reported the incidents to police on September 13. Following the investigation, officers obtained warrants for the arrest of the accused, identified as Eloy VEGA. Attempts to locate the accused were unsuccessful.

Wanted: [Photo from July of 2014]

Eloy VEGA, 41, of the 14800 block of Winding Lp in Woodbridge

Described as a white male, 5’11”, 190lbs, with black hair and brown eyes

Wanted for  abduction,  violation of a protective order, domestic assault & battery, and  preventing the summoning of a law enforcement officer



Strangulation | Domestic Related – On September 13 at 3:13PM, officers responded to a residence located in the 5500 block of Moreland Dr in Broad Run (20137) to investigate a domestic assault. The victim, a 22-year-old woman, reported to police that she was involved in a verbal altercation with the accused, an acquaintance, which escalated. During the encounter, the accused grabbed the victim by the neck and chocked her. The parties eventually separated, and the victim contacted police. The accused fled the area on foot prior to officers arrived. Responding officers located the accused a short time later and detained him without incident. Minor injuries were reported. Following the investigation, the accused, identified as Trevor Dale CLAWSON, was arrested.

Arrested on September 13:

Trevor Dale CLAWSON, 24, of 5515 Moreland Dr in Broad Run

Charged with strangulation

Court Date: Pending | Bond: Held WITHOUT bond

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