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Winter weather delays and closings information for March 20 and 21, 2018

Here’s today’s OPM status. 

The Twitter list below will show closings, delays, and updates from Prince William County Public Schools, Stafford County Public Schools, Manassas City Public Schools, Manassas Park City Public Schools, Fredericksburg City Public Schools, Spotsylvania County Public Schools, King George County Public Schools, Northern Virginia Community College, Germanna Community College, George Mason University, Mary Washington University. 

This Twitter list below will show closings, delays, and updates posted by local governments in Prince William County, Stafford County, Spotsylvania County, King George County, Manassas City, Manassas Park, Fredericksburg City, Dumfries Town, Haymarket Town, Quantico Marine Corps Base, Fort Belvoir. 

Deadline to apply for One Degree Capital scholarship approaches

The John Mathis Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, named after the father of One Degree Capital co-founder Jenn Mathis, is now accepting applications for the 2018-19 academic year scholarship award.

Established in 2016, the scholarship award seeks to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of youths. The inaugural scholarship award went to then-high school senior Destini Sapp, owner of two-year old custom craft business Crafted by Des.

Jenn and her business partner, Rod Loges, routinely seek ways to give back to communities including donating goods, services and time as well as mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs of all ages.

“When Rod and I discussed starting a scholarship,” Jenn explains, “we knew we wanted to create something that encouraged today’s entrepreneurial youth. Small business owners employ over half the nation’s workforce. Here at One Degree Capital we do everything we can to encourage growth in this critical segment of our society.”

“We named the scholarship after my dad, John Mathis,” continues Jenn. “Daddy continues to be an enormous inspiration to my growth as a business owner. He constantly inspires, encourages and mentors me on business ownership and leadership. I would not be where I am today without him.”

The application process is now open and continues through March 31. Semi-finalists are notified in April with final selection made on May 15. The scholarship award is open to high school seniors who either work for a small business owner or who currently own their own small business. For more details, visit

About The John Mathis Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

High school seniors who are either employed by a small business or who own their own small business are eligible to apply. The non-renewable $2,000 scholarship award can be applied toward tuition and fees of a postsecondary school. For full details and to apply for the scholarship award, visit

About One Degree Capital

Headquartered in Tysons, Virginia, One Degree Capital is a privately funded direct lender dedicated to helping business owners get the right capital at the right time for their unique business needs. Established in 2010, One Degree has helped over 5,000 business owners secure millions in capital through dozens of different financing vehicles including term loans, receivables financing, purchase order financing, SBA loans, real estate loans, asset based loans, lines of credit and unsecured working capital loans. For more information or to speak with a Business Capital Advisor, contact One Degree Capital at 1.703.579.6868.

Lillie Jessie: ‘I am hoping that the new chairman understands the limitation of his or her power’

An email from Prince William County School Board Occoquan Representative Lillie Jessie: 

There has been much questioning and speculation about my plans to run for the Interim Chair position on the Prince William County School Board. This letter is designed to end those questions. I never applied to become Chairman and have no desire to seek that position now. I am first and foremost the representative for the Occoquan District until December 31, 2019.

It is important for the public to understand the process. First for the immediate appointment that will occur at the April 18th Board Meeting, only the seven current Board Members select the Interim Chair. If I were appointed as Interim Chair, I would have to give up my Occoquan seat and someone else would have to be appointed to it later. I would also give up my right to vote.

My purpose for being on this school board has always been to make a difference in the lives of students. This new “Title” would not improve achieving this goal. Let’s be clear the Chairman of a school board has no more power than other members. The only power he or she has is to preside over a meeting and finalize the agenda. There has been much confusion about the power of that position recently. The Chairman cannot make unilateral decisions related to the dismissal of personnel, modification of the budget, or the addition, modification and/or deletion of programs. I am hoping that the new Chairman understands the limitation of his or her power.

My greatest and most satisfying achievements have been in the changing the lives of students and “Being a voice for the voiceless.” Some even call me, “Miss Equity!” What an honor. It is a badge I will wear with pride. Schools in the eastern corridor and a few in the west lack equity in space, facilities and programs. During Wednesday night’s Mark Up budget meeting I was able to convince a majority of my colleagues to provide a safer football field for Woodbridge High School. This school was built in 1975. Their stadium as well as their practice fields are muddy and unusable most of that time. Students were being bussed to other more updated facilities to practice.

Other achievements that I spearheaded were moving the Nurses from a classified contract to Teacher level contracts They had been requesting this for at least 15 years. For the first time, Mrs. Loree Williams and I were able to convince our colleagues to put a student representative on the board. Students are actually filling the board room. These are the type of achievements that continue to fuel me. I will continue to support activities that allow me to achieve my moral purpose. I have often said, “We say it is about the kids but it never really is. It is usually about the adults!” I have been blessed in my life to know “Why” I chose to be on this board and it was always bigger than a title.

I will continue to support the Chairman as his or her Vice as I have in the past. I will always fight and fight hard for “Equity fueled by a need for Excellence.” It has been my honor to serve the students in Prince William County for more than 40 years. As I have told the Superintendent, when it comes to “World Class” performance, “We are not there yet!” I will be continue to be “consistently insistent and persistent “ in pursuit of that goal.

I am honored to serve.


Snow? Rain? Lots of uncertainty with upcoming storm

From the National Weather Service:

Your full forecast says to expect a wintry mix to snow Tuesday and Wednesday.