‘Thank you again for the wonderful article that came out on my birthday!’

Sandra O'Bannon celebrated her 60th birthday in the driveway of her Manassas home, with full social distancing measures in place.

You’ll remember last week we posted a story about Sandy O’Bannon, of Manassas, who been walking around the city dressed as a bunny while walking her dog.

O’Bannon writes to us to thank us for publishing her story and to help to add a little cheer to our community.

Thank you again for the wonderful article that came out on my birthday! Since then, Indy and I have been walking 2x day. Getting belated birthday wishes, thumbs up, siren honks from police cruisers, “God Bless you’s”, requests for pictures, and three fan mail pictures from neighbor kids! I even went senior shopping this morning in bunny suit and mask! Still trying to spread some light in dark times. Sandy O’Bannon the Manassas Bunny (for at least thru Easter).

As we noted in our story, O’Bannon turned 60 last week, on the day the story published here on PLN.

On that same day, her friends and neighbors had a drive-thru birthday party for her. It was a way her loved ones could celebrate her birthday while social distancing orders are in place amid the coronavirus outbreak.

As you can see above, O’Bannon is pictured in her driveway in Manassas as passersby send birthday wishes.

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