Quantico residents push for restoration of local bus service

Quantico residents are pushing transportation officials to resume local bus service to the only town in the nation surrounded by a U.S. military installation.

OmniRide discontinued service to the town in March and instead told residents to call a cab to take them to the nearest bus stop, just outside the base on Route 1 in Triangle.

This message was posted to the OmniRide website, stating riders are eligible for one round-trip ride per day between the town and the closest bus stop outside the Marine Corps Base. Riders must call OmniRide, not the cab company, to schedule the trip, which could cost up to $28, depending on the traffic volume waiting to enter the base at the main gate on Fuller Road.

Due to the implementation of more stringent security measures on Quantico Marine Base, OmniRide buses can no longer access the base. For trips originating or ending on the base, OmniRide has established a partnership with Yellow Cab (703-491-2222).  Cabs travel between the Quantico Town bus stop and the OmniRide stop at Route 1 and Squire Lane.

At no cost, riders are eligible for two (2) one-way rides daily between the base and stops outside the base. Trips are limited to the hours that OmniRide Local buses are in operation.  For more information, contact OmniRide’s Customer Support Office at 703-730-6664.

When it comes to restoring local bus service in the town, OmniRide says these types of residents’ comments are most frequent.

  • Riders would like service on a fixed schedule rather than calling for a cab.
  • Riders want to be taken by cab to other destinations other than the closest local bus stop.
  • They want a better on-time performance from the taxis to ensure making connections with the local bus.

In January, officials at Quantico Marine Corps Base implemented sticker rules for those entering the base following a U.S. military operation to kill Qasem Soleimani, an Iranian general, in Baghdad on January 3, 2020. The country vowed to retaliate against the U.S., and shortly thereafter, bases across the country tightened security.

Under the old rules, a state-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, was enough to get you onto the base. Now, those who used driver’s licenses must go to the Visitor Control Center, located at 27000 Telegraph Road in Stafford, in building #27175T, to receive a Defense Biometric Identification System card.

Tammy Beard, the owner of Yellow Cab of Prince William County, which contracted with OmniRide to provide the taxi service to Quantico, says her drivers all have completed their registration process with the base and enjoy providing shuttle service to town residents.

“We think this has really helped residents, especially during COVID,” said Beard, who notes her drivers make between 25 and 30 roundtrips, between the town and the closest bus stop, per week.

One thought on “Quantico residents push for restoration of local bus service

  1. 30 round trips a week….hum. That works out to three people a day use the service. How many of the three residents are “pushing” for the return of the bus service? One, two, or all three?

    Seems that the cost of the bus, the driver, maintenance, insurance, fuel and retirement plans hardly makes this something the taxpayers should be financing.

    How about buying a couple of used cars leaving one at each end of the trip with the key over the visor. Anybody wanting to go back and forth can just use them.

    God save the Republic for the idiots we have elected to run our government!

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