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‘How about interviews with…someone who actually does something for the community?’

From Laura Pehacheerre in Woodbridge: 

Just looked at the interview with the parenting lady. Glad she likes [the] color gray. Now, how about interviews with people that actually make a difference in the county? Like the meals on wheels people, Brenda Wilson from lost and found pets, the volunteers at the soup kitchens, the shelter, the volunteers who feed the homeless, women achievers/ entrepreneurs, or someone who actually does something for the community?

Thanks for listening. I think you can have a larger audience and more engagement with this.

I follow your page but I was seriously considering unfollowing.

From Uriah Kiser, Potomac Local News: 

Laura, All of the people whom you listed are great examples of who Potomac Local should feature on our site. We hope to interview them soon.

Potomac Local Parent is a feature that highlights parents in our community who are doing the most important thing — raising children to be responsible, contributing members of our community.

Without their help, guidance, and love, it would be nearly impossible for those children to grow up to become the next great volunteer delivery drivers at Meals on Wheels, or be the volunteers working with lost and found pets, feeding the homeless, or becoming the founders and entrepreneurs of our community’s next great businesses.

Great parents contribute to our community every day, and I think they deserve all the recognition they can get.

Thank you for reading.

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