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Smith, Miller are Prince William Clerk of Court candidates for April 18 special election

The stage is set for a special election for Prince Willaim Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Democrat Jacqueline Smith and Republican Delegate Jackson Miller (Manassas) are the two candidates who will face off on for an April 18, 2017, special election. The chosen candidate will replace the late Michele McQuigg who died late last month.

From the Prince William County Republicans:

On February jacksonmiller28, 2017, the 31st Judicial Circuit Court of Virginia filed a Writ of Election for a special election on April 18, 2017 to fill the Clerk of Court vacancy. Virginia Code Section 24.2-510(5) requires political parties to make and complete their nominations within five days of a Court’s Writ of Election, or 60 days before the election. To accommodate this extremely short five-day timeline, the chairmen of the Prince William County Republican Committee, City of Manassas Republican Committee, and Manassas Park Republican Committee chose a March 4 Party Canvass election to nominate the Republican candidate for Clerk of Court. Del. Jackson Miller was the only candidate to file for the nomination, therefore, he became the nominee by acclimation, and the Party Canvass was canceled.

We’ve asked Smith and Miller to fill out a Project: Election survey, and we’ll publish the answers to those surveys once we receive them.

Smith kicked off her campaign last week at City Tavern in Manassas. This is her second run for the job after challenging McQuigg for the seat in 2015.

Smith is a lawyer with an office in Dumfries.

Jackson Miller was elected to the House of Delegates in November 2006 and is a Realtor with an office in Manassas.

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