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Lake Ridge Swimmers Welcome Back Next Year

Photo: Lake Ridge Lancers

LAKE RIDGE, Va. — After it seemed like a swim team would be without a permanent home, and after community outcry, the Lake Ridge Lancers Swim Team will stay in Lake Ridge.

Lancers Swim Team President David Ross penned an email to his team detailing an agreement between the team and the Lake Ridge Swim Club that will allow the team to use the facility for the 2013 season.

An unedited  portion of that email is below:


Since the summer swim season ended in July, the boards of the Lancers and the Club have been working on restoring the hosting relationship between the Club and the Lancers and entering into an agreement for the 2013 swim season.

At last night’s Club board meeting, the Club board voted unanimously to host the Lancers again. In addition, the Lancer board presented a proposal for the 2013 season. At the meeting, an agreement was reached.

A contact has been signed by the Presidents of the Lancers and the Club, and the agreement contains a provision that allows the boards to renew the contract for successive years beyond 2013.

As the President of the Lancers, I applaud the efforts of the Lancers and the Club boards to restore the hosting relationship and quickly reach a mutually beneficial agreement for 2013.

The agreement also embraces the growth of the Lancers and Club membership. The Lancers and the Club look forward to continuing to offer to the community one of the most vibrant and successful swim teams in the region and an affordable and family friendly swim club venue that offers activities for the entire family.


In August, the Lake Ridge Lancers were told the swim club would no longer allow the team to use the facility after 40 years of holding events there. The swim club said the team had outgrown their facility, but after public outcry the Lancers were invited back.


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