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New Commuter Lot Opens

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — A new commuter lot on Telegraph Road in Woodbridge opened today with little fanfare and few commuters.

Prince William County transportation officials that built the new lot said they will install new signs to direct drivers to the new lot.

“I’m surprised nobody used it but, as we have learned, commuting patterns change very slowly,” said Prince William Transportation Department Director Thomas Blaser in an email.

The $2.4 million lot has 700 new parking spaces and was designed to provide commuter relief for the Horner Road Commuter lot, which is already the largest commuter lot in the state with 2,300 commuter parking spaces.

The Horner Road lot is also popular with carpoolers and transit bus riders. The new Telegraph Road lot sits near the intersection of Telegraph and Caton Hill roads, near Interstate 95.

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