Will Manassas save its water tower?


The Manassas City Council will vote February 22 on whether or not to keep the water tower that watches over historic Downtown.

The old 75,000-gallon water tower is no longer in use, but it serves not only as the entrance to Downtown, it also garnishes the city with historic and architectural significance.

The stylistic elements of the tower feature an early 20th century American industrial riveted steel tank and craftsmanship. According to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, the tower has been found to be in excellent condition.

The tower is now eligible for listing on the State and National Register of Historic Places. With this in mind, a committee was formed to proceed with all necessary steps to get the water tank insured as a historic site. Keep Reading…

Permitted release of coal ash surface water continues at Possum Point


While efforts are underway to halt Dominion’s plan to treat the toxic water and release it into the waterway, the state’s largest utility continues to drain storm water at the site.

It is also moving forward with plans to treat toxic water and release it into the Potomac River. On Jan. 14, 2016, Dominion won approval from Virginia’s Water Control Board to consolidate water and ash from five coal ash ponds at the Possum Point Power Station near Dumfries and Quantico, treat the water, and release it into the Potomac River.

Dominion release follows permit rules 

In Spring 2015, Dominion released about 27 million gallons of water from Coal Ash Pond E into a tributary of the Quantico Creek. The water was storm runoff that accumulated in the pond, which Dominion calls surface water. Keep Reading…

Have Your Next Group Event at Manassas Olive Oil

This is a sponsored column written by Potomac Local for Manassas Olive Oil

The Manassas Olive Oil Company was founded on the notion that great olive oil should be shared with others.

Alex and his daughter Amanda, both military veterans, opened their shop on Grant Avenue in Manassas to share their passion for fresh olive oils and balsamic vinegar with their friends in thier sunlit tasting gallery.

A tasting is now an event that you can share with your friends and family. Manassas Olive Oil is available for bachelor parties, after-hour night time events, and culinary shows.

Becuase of Manassas Olive Oil, more people in and around Manassas are having fun while tasting delicious oils and vinegar. Recently, Manassas Olive Oil shared partnered with Love, Charley for a First Friday event featuring free tastings, raffles, and coupons. Keep Reading…

Taxi driver carjacked near Dumfries


A man is charged with carjacking, hit and run, eluding police, driving under the influence, preventing the summoning of law enforcement, and driving on a suspending license. 

Redmon forced a taxi driver from his vehicle and drove away with it. When officers attempted to stop Redmon, he fled. Redmon struck another vehicle at a redlight at the intersection of Prince William Parkway, according to police.

No injuries were reported except minor injuries of the accused. Keep Reading…

Tourism rebounds in Prince William County and Manassas


In the wake of the federal shutdown in 2014, tourism screeched to a halt in the nation’s capital and surrounding areas. But in the 2015 fiscal year, various localities, including Prince William County and Manassas, experienced substantial growth in tourism traffic and revenue.

Nicole Warner, marketing and communications specialist for Discover Prince William & Manassas, said the federal shutdown took a big toll on Northern Virginia.

“It was a huge hit for hotels [in 2014]. Several companies and federal agencies were out of work and couldn’t pay for traveling expenses. Due to the proximity of the counties to D.C., it was a huge, huge hit,” Warner said. Keep Reading…

Boarded up and tiles missing: What’s up with this old McDonalds?


“Are we going to lose the retro McDonald’s to the new McDonald’s design?” asked Woodbridge District Supervisor Frank Principi at an Oct. 2, 2012, meeting.

“Retro? It’s like your going to miss it,” said Prince William County Board of Supervisors Corey Stewart, At-large.

“It’s a classic design,” replied Principi.

“Good riddance,” said Stewart.

It was a lighter moment in a meeting that had dragged on for more than six hours. It was captured on video and is now archived on the Prince William County website. Keep Reading…

Marine Museum hangs WWII plane recovered from Lake Michigan


A World War II plane pulled from the depths Lake Michigan now hangs in the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Riggers today hoisted the SBD-3 Dauntless into place above the Leatherneck Gallery — the atrium visitors to the famous museum see upon entering the building. There, it will hang with other aircraft that were integral to the missions of U.S. Marines throughout history.

The Dauntless was used by the U.S. Navy starting on Aug. 24, 1942. Several Marine Corps squadrons used the plane in the U.S.

The aircraft transferred from the Marine Corps to the U.S. Navy Carrier Qualification Training Unit in Glenview, Ill. in 1943. It was lost in a training accident that same year when the plane crashed and sank to the bottom of Lake Michigan. Keep Reading…

Competitive Edge caters to Woodbridge athletes


They looked at places from Tysons Corner to Fredericksburg and didn’t quite find what they were looking for.

Monte Evans and Magnus Ellerts were looking for a place that would be able to train the entire athlete, from teaching agility and speed, to weight lifting, to developing skills on the field. That’s what Competitive Edge is all about — a new 18,000 square feet indoor sports training facility off Featherstone Road in Woodbridge.

It is the life dream of Evans, who founded a track club in Dale City six years ago. He’s been renting park facilities in Prince William County to hold meets and special events, but he always wanted a place of his own.

“Everybody’s is trying to use the county track or the fields, so we got bounced around a lot,” said Evans, “Sometimes, there just weren’t any fields available to use.” Keep Reading…

Lunchtime training leaves Chipotle fans in cold


Here’s something you don’t see too often. The photo above was taken at Noon today, and it shows a nearly empty parking lot outside a Chipotle restaurant in Woodbridge.

The burrito maker locked its doors for lunchtime on Monday so it could review new food safety policies with staff.

Some of the food Chipotle uses will now be shipped to restaurants form central kitchens, instead of being shipped to, and prepared at individual restaurants.

The company states it’s only going to marinate chicken and steak late at night, and will blanch its produce like jalapenos, limes, onions, and avocados for up to five seconds to remove any germs on the skin of the produce. Keep Reading…

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