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Lake Ridge

Strong Winds Possible Today

It could get windy and stormy around here tonight as we’re in for another day of hot and humid temperatures.

Virginia could face some strong winds this afternoon as a cold front moving in from the west could bring severe thunderstorms and hail. Some of the storms could produce localized corridors of higher winds, according to the National Weather Service Strom Prediction Center.

Dominion Virginia Power on Twitter this morning stated they are closely watching the area of developing storms, urged residents to prepare, and asked them to call 866-366-4357 if you lose power.

The high temperature is once again today set in the upper 90s with heat index values about 105 degrees. You’ll remember the derecho storm on June 29 that brought high winds following a day of similar heat. That storm brought power outages to hundreds of thousands of residents in the region, and misery as storm victims sweated it out in the sweltering heat waiting for power to be restored. 

The cold front, however, will usher in relatively cooler temperatures, as Monday’s highs are forecast in the 80s. Showers and thunderstorms will also be possible on Monday.


Code Red Air Day, Temps Soar to 100 Degrees

It’s hot outside today, ridiculously so. It’s hot enough for the National Weather Service to issue an excessive heat warning. And the air quality is so poor that a Code Red ozone alert is place today from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

At noon today, the temperature at Aquia Harbour in North Stafford was 98 degrees. In Woodbridge, the mercury was set at 97 degrees, according to the weather service. 

The bottom line: don’t go outside if you don’t have to, as exposure to this kind of heat – with temperatures topping the century mark some places, and heat index values making it feel like 110 degrees outside – can cause heat exhaustion.

The heat will remain with us all weekend as temps are forecast near 100 degrees Sunday and heat index values of about 106, but there is relief in sight for Monday. Temperatures are expected to fall back into the 80s by then.


5 Rescued from Potomac River


KING GEORGE, Va. — Rescue crews pulled five people from the Potomac River early Saturday.

A boat with five onboard stalled in the middle of the Potomac River just after midnight. Three of the five occupants onboard decided to swim to shore to get help, but about 1,000 yards from the shoreline the swimmers determined they couldn’t make it to shore and 911 was called, said Prince William fire and rescue Battalion Chief Curtis Brodie.

Initially, the callers reported he was near Tims Rivershore restaurant in Dumfries. Rescue crews from Prince William County, Charles County, Md., and a police helicopter from Fairfax County, were dispatched to the area near Tims Rivershore.

But the caller soon determined his boat stalled near Tims II – Tim Rivershore restaurant’s second location in King George County.

“Once we got the word, the helicopters and rescue crews immediately diverted to Tims II where we found the boat,” said Brodie.

Rescue crews pulled three from the water and two from the boat. No one was injured.

Boating is popular on the Potomac River, but if a boat stalls out it’s important to use a map to determine your exact location, remain on the boat, and then use a cell phone to call for help.

“If your ship is not sinking, and it’s not a life-or-death situation, remain on the boat and call for help. They may send a tow boat to come rescue you,” said Brodie.


Power Back On, So is the Heat

TRIANGLE, Va. — Everyone in the Potomac Communities who lost power after June 29’s derecho storm is back online.

An interactive map from Domnion Virginia Power shows no storm-related outages in our area today. Thursday afternoon, Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative announced it had also restored all power to those who lost it in last week’s powerful storm.

A Dominion dispatch order shows work crews today will still be on the job restoring power in portions of Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Fauquier, and Loudoun counties in Northern Virginia.

Hampering their work early Thursday morning was another powerful storm that knocked out power to the Dumfries, Triangle, and Quantico areas. Blowing through the Potomac Communities about 2:30 a.m. Thursday, the storm took down trees and power lines at homes on Old Triangle Road, and knocked out to power to homes on Quantico Marine Corps Base.

A base spokesman Thursday said cooling shelters were set up on the base to accommodate those without power.


While the lights have come back on, the sun is unrelenting. Another excessive heat advisory is in effect today until 8 p.m. Temperatures will range between 100 and 105 degrees, and the heat index could make it feel like it’s hotter than that.

On Saturday, temperatures could feel like 100 outside, states the National Weather Service. It’ll remain hot with on Sunday, but relief will come Monday with temperatures in the mid 80s.

(Uriah Kiser/


County Calls for Verizon 911 Probe

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Emergency call centers in Prince William County are working again after a disruption in 911 service following Friday’s storm.

The storm knocked out 911 and cell service for much of the day Saturday. But it’s the lack of 911 service that has Prince William County officials calling for an investigation into what went wrong.

Verizon, the company responsible for providing 911 service in the, on Sunday blamed the failure on one of it’s facilities in Arlington. But in a press release Tuesday the company states it’s hard to identify just one weakest link in the chain that led to the failure.

“Verizon recognizes the critical public safety nature of 911 services, and we regret that some customers may have been without access to 911 this past weekend,” said Verizon Vice President of Engineering Mike Daigle. “Our 911 network is designed so that there is no one single point of failure anywhere in the network that can interrupt 911 service. Unfortunately, the nature and severity of this particular storm damaged multiple Verizon facilities inside and outside of offices in the affected area, and that’s what led to the weekend’s 911 issues.”

The failures were described as catastrophic, with public officials urging those with emergencies who could not get through to 911 to flag down first responders, to go to the nearest public safety center, or directly to a hospital.

Officials said this is the second time in as many years the 911 system failed. During a snow storm last year, officials said the emergency phone system went down.

“While we appreciate the efforts Verizon made to get the system back up and running, all efforts should be made to ensure that the critical 911 system does not fail in the future,” said Prince William Board of Supervisors Chairman At-large Corey A. Stewart. “We expect Verizon to conduct a full investigation into how the 911 service failed and offer solutions to better secure the system. It is imperative that residents of Prince William County and the entire Washington Metro area never have to face such emergencies without the critical 911 service that can be the difference between life and death for those in need.”

Stewart said he hopes other counties in the area will join with Prince William in calling for an investigation into the failure. Fairfax County officials have also called for an investigation into the 911 failure.

Dominion Work Orders Posted

There are 2,534 Dominion Virginia Power customers without power in Prince William County as of 9:40 a.m. Tuesday.

There are 4,166 Dominion customers without power in Stafford County as of the same time Tuesday.

The utility just posted what neighborhoods you can expect to see power restoration crews today.

This comes as Stafford County set up a temporary cooling shelter for residents.


NOVEC Promises Power for Independence Day


UPDATE 4 p.m.

About 90 percent of Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative have their power back on.

Following Friday night’s powerful storm with winds that knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses – about 2 million people – the utility says most will have power back on by Independence Day.

The announced could be good news for many customers in NOVEC’s service districts in Prince William and Stafford counties who have family in town for the Wednesday holiday.

BY THE NUMBERS – 4 p.m. Monday

Prince William

Dominion customers still without power: 4,962

NOVEC customer still without power: 280


Dominion customers still without power: 7,673

NOVEC customer still without power: 2


STAFFORD, Va. — It could be Saturday before all affected Dominion Virginia Power customers get their power back on.

The utility said it was bringing in help from help from states like Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida, and from as far away as Canada to help in the restoration efforts. A Dominion spokesman said 80 to 85 percent of customers should be restored by Tuesday night, with 90 to 95 percent of customers getting their juice back by Thursday.

“Unlike a hurricane, this storm could not be forecasted well ahead of time by the National Weather Service,” said Dominion Vice president-Electric Distribution Operations Rodney Blevins. “That is complicating restoration efforts because crews and supplies could not be positioned in advance.”


Prince William

Dominion customers still without power: 5,297

NOVEC customer still without power: 438


Dominion customers still without power: 7,177

NOVEC customer still without power: 58

In Stafford, county officials Sunday night last night closed an emergency shelter at Rodney Thompson Middle School.

Spoiled food was tossed out of the frozen food section in a Food Lion store on Va. 610 in North Stafford after it lost power. (Mary Davidson/


Smoke Smell Fills the Air


A strange smoke smell that permeated the air this morning comes at the same time firefighters in the Shenandoah Valley are battling a large mountain blaze.

Flames engulfed a Massanutten Mountain in Shenandoah and Warren counties in Virginia Tuesday afternoon, according to

Initially reported as a six-acre fire, the blaze has scorched more than 100 acres now. A lack of cell phone coverage on the mountain has hampered efforts to determine just how large an area the fire now covers, the website reports.

With the hot weather bearing down on our region over the next few days, Prince William County fire officials gave some safety tips on how to avoid damage from outside fires.

From the press release:

Proper Disposal of Smoking Materials

DO NOT discard smoking materials such as cigarettes, cigars and lighted matches into mulch laden landscapes, flower beds, shrubs, bushes, grassy areas or woods.

Protect your home or business by providing an area for individuals to properly extinguish and discard their smoking materials.


Provide a reasonable amount of space between flammable vegetation and your home or business to create a fire-wise/fire-safe area.

Avoid using highly combustible plants; use fire resistant plants (visit your local nursery for assistance).

Remove dead plants, trees and shrubs, wood, debris and low tree branches.

Keep plants watered during the heat of the summer.

Remove small trees and plants growing under trees; they permit ground fires to jump into tree crown.

Regularly, trim grass surrounding your home or business (up to 100 feet).

Stack firewood at least 30 feet from your home.

Provide proper clearance to electric devices, e.g., decorative lights.

Decorative/Building Materials

Avoid using materials that burn such as wood and use the following:

Siding – stucco or aluminum siding

Fences – stone, metal or vinyl

Decks – stone, masonry, or tile


LAKE RIDGE, Va. — The smell of smoke filled the air this morning in eastern Prince William County. But fire officials aren’t quite sure where it was coming from.

The smell was noticed by employees walking into the Prince William County Government Center, and was noticed from neighborhoods in Lake Ridge.

Fire crews were called to extinguish a small brush fire at Ashdale Plazain Dale City just after 8 a.m., but that isn’t thought to be the source of the smell, said county fire and rescue spokeswoman Kim Hylander.

There were no other fires working in the county at the time, she added.

The fire department even checked with nearby Quantico Marine Corps Base, which often conducts explosive munitions training during daytime hours. But they turned up nothing. 

The smell of smoke comes as the region is bracing for a heat wave that will span the next five days. Temperatures today are expected to be in the high 90s, but things will get hotter tomorrow when humidity sets in and temps will feel like they’re topping 100 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

That prompted an excessive heat watch for the area for Friday, and forecasters say they expect that watch to be upgraded to a heat warning by this afternoon.


Prince William’s ‘Waste Place’ Under Review

The “Too Good to Waste Place” at the Prince William County Landfill has been credited with reducing the amount of trash that ends up in the landfill, as residents can leave behind still-usable items which are later picked up by other landfill visitors. (Submitted photo)

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — The “Too Good to Waste Place” has been scrapped – at least for now.

The Prince William County Landfill announced the temporary closure of the donation center on its campus that’s been in operation since 1991. The “Too Good to Waste Place” has been credited with reducing the amount of trash that has ended up in the landfill, as residents instead have chosen to leave, or donate, still-usable items like couches, bicycles, and lawnmowers at the site. Once left, other residents who visit the landfill can simply take what’s left behind.

The donation spot will close Thursday, July 5, as county officials reexamine how they are going to administer the program.

“…there is no timeframe for reopening. They are going to be looking at how to better operate the program or alter it to be more effective. They are looking at other similar programs and models for donating items to make certain it is being operated in the most effective way possible,” stated Prince William County spokesman Jason Grant in an email.

During the closure, Grant suggests residents instead donate still-usable good to local charities.

Residents of Prince William County can access the landfill for free, while those who live in Dumfries, Occoquan, Quantico, or Haymarket must pay a $5 fee for up to 200 pounds of trash per visit to the landfill.


Lake Ridge Runners Hope to Set Record

LAKE RIDGE, Va. — The Lake Ridge RidgeRunners are hoping to set a record tonight: to have more people than ever before show up for a run held by their club.

More than 50 people are expected to gather at Lake Ridge Elementary School on Hedges Run Drive at 7:30 p.m. The event is free and is open to anyone – from beginning runners to more experienced athletes.

For RidgeRunners President Stephanie Dupal-Dumartin, tonight’s event will be a culmination of her work over the past two years, breathing new life into a club that dates back more than 30.

Dupal-Demartin joined the Ridge Runners in 2006 during a rough patch in her life. Members of the group taught her to be a better runner.

“The first time I ran with them they told me we were going to do six miles. I said ‘no they won’t because I’m so slow,’” said Dupal-Martin.

But with some coaching, and alternating between running and walking, she did. A month later, she went on to place first in her age range at a 5K race.

But in 2010, many members of the group moved to North Carolina and the group disbanded. Under the direction of the Lake Ridge Parks Authority, the club was about to lose all its funding — Until Dupal-Martin stepped in and got things going again.

She penned a column on a local news website and urged other runners to join her at a local school. It’ didn’t turn out as she had hoped, but it was a start.

“In the back of my head I had a vision of the parking lot at the school being full. Only two showed up,” she said.

But it was enough for her to grab a clipboard and go to every area swim meet and community sporting event to ask others to sign up for information about the RidgeRunners. With the help of a tech-savvy husband, they redid the group’s website, built an email contact list, gained new followers on Facebook.

The RidgeRunners hold six runs per week, and their Tuesday and Thursday night runs remain the most popular. At least once per week, the group likes to run at Mount Vernon, Manassas Battlefield Park, or other scenic points in the region.


Woodbridge Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Mosquitoes collected in Woodbridge during the month of June 2012 by the Prince William Mosquito Control Program have tested positive for the West Nile Virus.

Mosquito testing is used to determine periods of greater risk of contracting West Nile Virus. The wide occurrence of positive mosquitoes indicates there is an increased risk of contracting the virus across Prince William County. Mosquitoes will continue to be trapped and tested regularly from sites throughout Prince William County. The County’s Mosquito Control Program has performed intensive treatment in the vicinity of the positive mosquito pools to kill adult and larval mosquitoes, and will continue larval control throughout the County and possibly conduct an adulticide spray based on future positive trap numbers.

West Nile Virus is a mosquito-borne disease that is endemic in this region. Residents play a big role in disease prevention by paying special attention to eliminating mosquito breeding areas around homes and to protecting themselves from mosquito bites while outside from now until the first hard frost.

“Since most of the mosquito species that residents need to control breed in standing water within a few hundred feet of their residence, control measures around the home are the most effective way to prevent mosquito breeding and to reduce the risk from bites,” said Prince William Health District Director Dr. Alison Ansher.

West Nile Virus spreads to birds, humans, horses and other mammals through the bite of an infected mosquito. Most people do not get sick. People who do get sick usually suffer a mild, flu-like illness. Those over age 50 are at greatest risk of serious illness, such as encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord). Very few people who contract the virus suffer from these more severe symptoms. There was one confirmed human case of West Nile Virus disease reported in Prince William County in 2011.

The Prince William Health District recommends the following to reduce exposure to mosquitoes:

• Wear long, loose and light-colored clothing.

• Use insect repellent products with no more than 50 percent DEET for adults and less than 10 percent for children. Follow label instructions when using insect repellents.

• Turn over or remove containers in your yard where any water may collect, such as old tires, potted plant trays, buckets, and toys.

• Eliminate any standing water in yards or on tarps or flat roofs.

• Chlorinate or clean out birdbaths and wading pools every three to five days.

• Clean roof gutters and downspout screens regularly.

For more information on West Nile Virus, visit the Virginia Department of Health website at For questions about mosquito control spraying, contact Prince William Gypsy Moth & Mosquito Control at 703-792-6279.

-Press Release 


Lake Ridge Jeweler Repairs Ring Turned Bottle Opener

Lake Ridge jeweler Fred Van Doren saves a piece of jewelry that was broken when used as a bottle opener.

LAKE RIDGE, Va. — There’s new life for a wedding band that was used as a bottle opener.

Lake Ridge jeweler Fred Van Doren said he spoke with a client who broke their wedding band while popping open a cold one. Van Doren took a look at the ring and noticed the breakage was caused by poor porosity.

“Porosity usually comes from using gold that is not sufficiently clean of other impurities or from gases interjected into the casting process. In this case the client had had the band made overseas where we see a lot of porosity issues arising from jewelers taking old gold to make new products without refining them first,” Van Doren posted to his Facebook page.

Van Doren repaired the band by annealing it, and then made a warning to other men who might have the same habit of cracking a cold bottle with their rings.

“Guys, don’t use your wedding band as a beer bottle opener. Not only will this save your ring it will probably save your marriage,” stated Van Doren.

Van Doren owns Van Doren Jewelers in The Glen Shopping Center at Prince William Parkway and Old Bridge Road.


Politicos Wait Tables in Lake Ridge Fundraiser

OCCOQUAN, Va. – For many, it was a chance to be waited on hand and foot by a locally-elected official.

The Lake Ridge Rotary Club held their annual Celebrity Luncheon at Bistro L’Hermitage restaurant in Occoquan. Nearly 120 people came to the annual fundraiser and were served food and drinks by Prince William Occoquan Supervisor Mike May, Coles District Supervisor Marty Nohe, Delegate Richard Anderson, Occoquan Mayor Earnie Porta, and Chairman of the Potomac Health Foundation Marion Wall, and CASA Greater Prince William Executive Director Charlyn Hasson-Brown (she appeared as Dolly Parton we’re told).

Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish, and Potomac Nationals Mascot Uncle Slam also made an appearance.

“The Celebrity Luncheon serves as an annual fund-raising event to support the many causes of the Lake Ridge Rotary. Everything from hosting events for the Fellowship House, to providing scholarships to youth, supporting numerous local organizations,” said organizer Jason Hickman.

Bistro L’Hermitage is a classic French bistro on Occoquan Road, founded by Washington, D.C. restaurateur Youssef Eagle Essald.





Manassas Mayor Hal Parrish with Potomac Nationals mascot Uncle Slam.


Wooten Chosen Occoquan School Board Rep

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — The Prince William County School Board Wednesday night selected Woodbridge resident, Dr. Michael E. Wooten, to fill the vacant Occoquan District Seat.

Wooten was selected in a unanimous Board vote from among thirteen applicants for the post vacated by former Board Member Grant Lattin, who resigned in May. Wooten will serve on an interim basis until voters choose a long-term replacement on Election Day to serve though the end of 2015.

Board Chairman-at-Large Milton C. Johns praised the “wonderful group of qualified and motivated candidates” from which Wooten was chosen.

The new Board Member termed his appointment “a wonderful opportunity to serve the students of Prince William County.”

Wooten holds multiple graduate degrees and recently earned his Ed.D in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Professor of Contract Management at DefenseAcquisitionUniversity, and has worked with Prince William County Public Schools through a long running Taekwondo program partnership.

Wooten’s two children are graduates of Prince William County Public Schools.

-Press release 

13 Vie for Occoquan School Board Seat

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — We now know who wants a shot at becoming the next person to fill a vacant seat on the Prince William County School Board.

Thirteen individuals put their name in a hat this week to replace retiring Occoquan District School Board Member Grant Lattin who is leaving because of personal reasons.

While the School Board is an elected body, the current members of the board are expected to appoint a new member to fill Lattin’s seat on June 20. Voters will elect a permanent member to the Board on General Election Day Nov. 6.

Those who are being considered for the School Board seat are listed below:

Thomas Archibald, Ph.D., Director of Operations, ADL Co-Lab Hub

Stanley Bender, Program Analyst Ballistic Missile Defense Organization

Richard Fitzgerald, Retired

J. Randall Good, Ph.D., Director, Science & Technology Programs, ENSCO, Inc.

John Gray, Certified Public Accountant, Self Employed

Lillie Jessie, President and CEO, High Expectations Learning

Bruce C. Keener, Chief Estimator, William B. Hopke Company

Linda Krimmer, Manager, Auxiliary Gift Shop, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

Lori Bauckman-Moore, Co-owner, Mechanix Auto Repair

Kristina Schnack-Kotlus, Owner/Writer,, contributor

Julie Shuell, Manager, National Center on Child Care Quality Improvement

Elizabeth Tramel, Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools

Michael Wooten, Ed.D., Professor of Contract Management, Defense Acquisition University

Breast Cancer Screening Van Coming to Businesses

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Women in Prince William County will soon have more access to Breast Cancer screenings.

A $750,000 grant from the Potomac Health Foundation will go to fund a mammography van that will visit area businesses to provide screenings and care for insured employees. Afterward, patients can learn where to go for any follow-up diagnoses and treatment.

“The mammography mobile unit is a 40-foot coach that has full digital mammography with computer aided detection,” said Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center Senior Director Marty Ward in a press release. “We will partner with the Family Health Connection to serve those with little or no insurance and we’ll also partner with communities, organizations, businesses and houses of worship to make access even more convenient for Northern Virginia residents.”

Ward says there is a lack of early detection and treatment of Breast Cancer in Prince William, especially for low-income women, and that can lead to high cancer death rates. Locally, data show more serious cancers are detected at a later stage, she added.

Annual mammograms are recommended for women 40-years-old or older.

The van comes as Sentara Northern Virginia Comprehensive Breast Center was granted a three-year, full accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers. The center provides comprehensive care and information about clinical trials and treatment options.

Crime Watch: Man Found Unconscious at Door, Woman Dies in Crash

LAKE RIDGE, Va. — Police have a mystery on their hands in Lake Ridge after a man was found unconscious on his doorstep.

Officers were called at 3:13 a.m. Sunday to the 12800 block of Tumbling Brook Lane in Lake Ridge, inside the Rolling Brook apartment complex, after a 29-year-old man came home and began knocking loudly at his front door. Police did not say if the man had become locked out of his home. But another occupant then opened the door and found the man lying unconscious, and then called 911, according to police.

The victim suffered severe head injuries and was flown to a local hospital, according to police.

Detectives from the Violent Crimes Bureau are working the case, and the assault appears to be completely random, police stated.


Police officer assaulted

On June 10 at 9:45 p.m., police responded to the 16000 block of Hayes Ln in Woodbridge (22191) for an initial call of a domestic. The victim, a 56 year old woman of Woodbridge, reported to police that she and the accused, a known family member, were involved in a verbal altercation which escalated.

During the encounter, the accused allegedly struck the victim several times in the face. As officers were attempting to arrest the accused, she became combative and attempted to pull away from officers. At one point, the accused kneed an officer in the leg area. Minor injuries were reported by the victim of the domestic assault. No injuries were reported by the officer.


Shelby Barnett WATKINS, 32, of the 16000 block of Hayes Ln in Woodbridge

Charged with assault & battery on LEO, domestic assault & battery and resisting arrest

Court date unavailable, held on a $3,500 secured bond


Crash kills woman, dog

On June 9 at 10:27 p.m., police responded to the area of Dumfries Rd and Brentsville Rd [the Prince William Pkwy South and East also intersect at this location] in Manassas (20112) for a crash. The investigation revealed that the driver, and only occupant, of a 1999 Lexus RX300 was traveling northbound on Dumfries Rd in the area above when she disregarded a red light and struck a 2008 Ford Focus occupied by a driver and front passenger which had the green light and was attempting to make a left turn from the Prince William Pkwy East to Dumfries Rd.

A third vehicle, a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta, occupied by a sole driver, was struck by the Ford Focus after the initial collision as the driver of that vehicle was stopped at a red light and waiting to make a left turn from the Prince William Pkwy South to the Prince William Pkwy West. The driver of the Lexus RX300 and the Volkswagen Jetta were uninjured. The driver of the Ford Focus was flown to an area hospital with life threatening injuries. The passenger in the Ford Focus was ground transported to an area hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

A family dog in the Ford Focus was located with severe injuries. Animal Control responded, however, the dog died from injuries sustained from the crash while in transport to the animal hospital. During the investigation it was determined that the driver of the Lexus RX300 had been driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. Speed is not believed to be a factor at this time.

Investigation continues.


Lori Love SHIPE, AKA Lori Lynn LOVE, 52, of 7476 Stewart Cir in Warrenton

Charged with driving under the influence, aggravated involuntary manslaughter – DUI

related and maiming by DUI

Court date and bond information unavailable


The passenger, the deceased, of the 2008 Ford Focus was identified as Judith Ann

MEYER, 57, of Powhatan, VA

The driver of the 2008 Ford Focus was identified as a 58 year old man of Powhatan, VA

The driver of the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta was identified as a 33 year old female of Manassas Park


New Police Station to Bring Focused Beats

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. — For the first time in the department’s history, a new policing district will be created for the Prince William County Police Department.

The $912 million 2013 budget passed by county officials this year funds a new police station that will be built at Davis Ford Road and Prince William Parkway. The new Central Police District that will come with the new station will sit in the middle of the county and employ officers who focus on patrolling portions of Dale City, Lake Ridge, Independent Hill and the Lake Jackson area near Manassas.

The new station will alleviate crowding at the county’s two other police stations – the Eastern District Station on Donald Curtis Drive in Woodbridge and the Western District Station on Wellington Road in Manassas, according to a newsletter distributed by Prince William County Supervisor Mary Nohe.

In addition to patrol services, the new station will also house units for criminal investigations, special operations, and the Office of the Chief – which is now located at the McCoart Building at the county’s government center in Woodbridge.

Supervisors approved a $79 million operating budget for the department which, according to county documents. The cost of telephone services for the department increased by $641,000 this year, while funding from the state decreased by $512,000. That cost was absorbed by the county’s general fund, documents state.


View New police station in a larger map

Prince William Slush Funds Banned

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Elected officials in Prince William County today voted to do away with discretionary funds.

In a letter from At-large Board Chairman Corey Stewart, the county’s top official announced the Board banned the monies known as slush funds from their budgets. The funds were not in the best interest of the county government or taxpayers, stated Stewart.

The Board also put in place tighter restrictions on how staff members who work at offices of Prince William Supervisors enter into contracts. The latter move was to fend off additional criticism of the Board, whose eight members have come under fire for the use of discretionary funds to pay for pet projects.

As part of the new rules, each Supervisors office will receive $20,000 less per year to bring funding in line with that of the At-large Chairman. In a press release, officials outlined how Supervisors may spend monies going forward.

• Funds may not be appropriated in cash or through in-kind donations to any non-governmental organization or any governmental entity that is the recipient of appropriated funds in the Prince William County budget:

• Funds may not be used to sponsor events or advertise in any publication associated with events;

• If a Supervisor is to attend an event in furtherance of the official duties of the District Supervisor, funds may be used to purchase a single ticket for admission to the event for the individual District Supervisor and/or designated staff member;

• Fund balances currently existing in District Office expense accounts for the current fiscal year or carried over from prior years may be transferred to a currently approved Capital Improvement Project fund or approved future Capital Improvement Projects;

• Fund balances remaining in District Office expense accounts at the end of each future fiscal year shall be automatically transferred to the County Revenue Stabilization Fund or to an approved Capital Improvement Project at the request of the District Supervisor;

• Board members will not pay nor incur a legal obligation to pay overtime or allow incurred comp time to Board office employees;

• No Board member will employ or retain any full-time or part-time employee on the County payroll who owns, is employed by, or is a contractor to any company which offers services for hire to any political campaign of that Board member;

• No Board member will engage or retain any vendor services using County funds where the vendor has been retained or is currently retained by the political campaign of that Board member;

• Every Board member will follow County Personnel Manual policies regarding nepotism in hiring employees and managing Board offices;

• Board members may retain up to 10% of salary and benefits cost on an annual basis to cover any unintended staff costs year-to-year.


Woodbridge/ Lake Ridge Bus Gets New Route

WOODBRIDGE, Va. — New routing for the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink local bus service will take effect on June 4, helping area residents to more easily reach destinations including the SkillSource Center, which is a partner of the Virginia Employment Commission. The new routing along Minnieville, Caton Hill and Telegraph roads also will ease access for those who need to reach the Woodbridge Department of Motor Vehicles, Strayer University, an area dialysis center and shopping destinations including Target.

The Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission, PRTC, updates its schedules twice annually – in the spring and fall – to reflect current running times and make other changes such as updating routing and relocating bus stops as necessary. This year’s Spring Service Change is scheduled for June 4.

On that date, PRTC also will make changes to the:

• Cross County Connector routing and timetables (connecting eastern Prince William County with the Manassas area);

• OmniLink local bus stops and timetables serving eastern Prince William County;

• OmniRide commuter bus stops and timetables; and

• Prince William Metro Direct timetable in the late evening (linking eastern Prince William County with the Franconia-Springfield Metro station.)

The new routing for the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink local bus is designed to make the service more convenient by bringing people closer to the places where they need to go.

Before June 4th, the nearest bus stop to the SkillSource Center and Strayer University, both of which are on Minnieville Road, was at Smoketown Plaza. The DMV and the dialysis center, both located on Caton Hill Road, did not have nearby bus stops.

The Parkway Crossing West Shopping Center, which features Target, and the Parkway Crossing East Shopping Center across Prince William Parkway near I-95 will also be more easily accessible because of the new Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink routing.

“PRTC has had numerous requests to bring the Woodbridge / Lake Ridge OmniLink route closer to the SkillSource Center,” said PRTC Executive Director Al Harf. “While there are sometimes deserving requests that PRTC cannot accommodate for one reason or another, we routinely try and, in this instance, we were able to do so without a need for additional funding or the imposition of unintended delays for other customers, issues that are frequent stumbling blocks.”

A ribbon cutting to inaugurate service at the new SkillSource Center bus stop, at 13370 Minnieville Road, is scheduled for 11 a.m. June 4. The public is invited to attend.

New PRTC schedules will be available online starting Tuesday, May 29. Passengers also may get a new schedule by asking their bus operator or coming to the PRTC Transit Center in Woodbridge. For more information about the Spring Service Change, visit or call PRTC’s Customer Service Office at 703-730-6664.

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Police reports for May 25, 2012


Aggravated Sexual Battery – On May 22nd at 4:56PM, detectives from the Special Victims Unit began an investigation into a sexual assault which was reported to have occurred in the 3500 block of Buffalo Ct in Woodbridge

(22193). The investigation revealed that the victim, a 10 year old girl of Woodbridge, was sexually assaulted by the accused, a known family member, the night prior. Following an investigation, the accused was subsequently arrested.


Jason Edward BOXLEY, 37, of the 3500 block of Buffalo Ct in Woodbridge, Charged with aggravated sexual battery, forcible sodomy, object sexual penetration and indecent liberties

Court date unavailable, held WITHOUT bond


Assault and Battery – On May 18th, detectives from the Physical Abuse Unit began an investigation into an assault which was reported to have occurred at Kerrydale Elementary School located at 13199 Kerrydale Rd in Woodbridge (22193) on May 17th. The investigation revealed that on that date the victim, a 10 year old male student, was assaulted by the accused, a teacher at the

school. The victim sustained minor injuries as a result of the assault. Following

an investigation, the accused was subsequently arrested on May 22nd.


Cynthia Farris HALL, 35, of 11809 Golden Eagle Ct in Woodbridge

Charged with assault & battery

Court date unavailable, released on a $2,000 unsecured bond


Narcotics Investigation – On May 22nd, detectives from the Prince William County Police Street Crimes Unit and the ATF Task Force, concluded a narcotics investigation into the selling of marijuana and cocaine with the following arrest which was made in the 2700 block of Potomac Mills Cl in Woodbridge (22192). As a result of the search, ecstasy and marijuana were recovered.


David Hakeem JOHNSON, 22, of 1502 Monroe Ct in Fort Washington, MD. Charged with 2 counts of distribution of a schedule I or II narcotic [cocaine & ecstasy], distribution of marijuana and possession of a firearm with narcotics Court date set for August 17, 2012, held WITHOUT bond

Narcotics Investigation– On May 22nd, detectives from the Street Crimes Unit conducted a vehicle stop in the 13900 block of


Jefferson Davis Hwy in Woodbridge (22191). As a result of the encounter, two of the vehicles occupants, the below listed accused individuals, were arrested on drug charges. A search of the vehicle resulted in marijuana, heroin, cocaine and an undisclosed amount of U.S. Currency being recovered.


Calvin Lawrence NOEL, 32, of 14782 Candlewood Ct in Woodbridge

Charged with possession with intent to distribute a schedule I or II narcotic [cocaine] andpossession of marijuana Court date set for July 20, 2012, bond information unavailable Delvon Martez MCCORMICK, 33, of 13917 Mount Peasant Dr in Woodbridge. Charged with possession of schedule I or II narcotic. Court date set for July 20, 2012, bond information unavailable


Abduction / Domestic Assault & Battery – On May 23rd at 9:49PM, police responded to the 3300 block of Mystic Ct in Dumfries (22026) for a domestic. The victim, a 44 year old woman of Dumfries, reported to police that she and the accused, a known acquaintance, were involved in a verbal altercation which escalated. During the encounter, the accused allegedly assaulted the victim and prevented her from leaving the residence or calling police. Police were eventually contacted and responded to the residence. No injuries were reported. The accused was arrested without incident.


Daniel KWATCHEY, 40, of the 3300 block of Mystic Ct in Dumfries

Charged with abduction and domestic assault & battery

Court date and bond information unavailable

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