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Manassas News

Tip off the police with this new app

From the Manassas City Police Department press release:

Manassas, VA…The Manassas City/Manassas Park Crime Solvers Inc. is proud to announce they have recently partnered with Anderson Software, to provide a more seamless and efficient way for community members to offer information to help solve and prevent crimes or other serious or life threatening matters. Anderson Software leads the industry with its latest secure and anonymous tip acquisition and management solution, called P3 Intel. This partnership allows community members from the greater Manassas area to foster a relationship between law enforcement and the public to proactively create a safer community.

The Manassas City/Manassas Park Crime Solvers Inc. will now be accepting tips by phone, the web, and by way of the new, free P3 Tips mobile app available on the iOS and Android platforms, greatly enhancing the mobile tip submission process. Still completely anonymous, tips submitted through the P3 mobile app, unlike SMS text tips, have no length limitations and allow images, video, and documents to be uploaded with the tip. Anderson Software’s sophisticated encryption processes obscure any and all identifying information and provide assured anonymity for tipsters.

Even without the app, there is still an easy and secure option for submitting tips from any PC or mobile browser by going to Of course, tips are still welcomed through calling our hotline at 703-330-0330. Using whichever method, once a person submits a tip, they will be given a TIP ID and password. With this information they can login at and submit follow-up information, engage in real-time chat/two-way dialogue, be informed of the outcome of the tip, and access any pertinent reward information.

Manassas City/Manassas Park Crime Solvers Inc. feels that utilizing Anderson Software’s P3 Tips program will enhance communications with the public, thereby building a safer and more trusting community in which everyone prospers. To further show our value of tipsters’ contribution to the community, tips leading to an arrest will result in a cash reward up to $1,000. For more information on the program contact Officer C.D. Sharp at or 703-257-8110.  

More than a year later, still no posted toll lanes travel times

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Rustic weddings, corporate events and maybe some live music in an intimate setting — Possibly the best barn find ever…literally

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One in 23 men and women will develop Colon Cancer in their lifetime

Did you know that colon and rectal cancer, the second most common cancer in Americans, can be prevented?

All Americans over the age of 50 and all African Americans over the age of 45 should have a regular colonoscopy, the one test that can prevent colon and rectal cancer.  A colonoscopy is a fiberoptic examination of the colon and rectum, and it can save your life.

The grand majority of cases of colon and rectal cancer start with a polyp, a precancerous growth in the lining of the colon.  By undergoing a colonoscopy, these precancerous polyps can be removed, taking the risk of colon and rectal cancer away.

Best part, the colonoscopy is easy.  It is done under sedation, so you sleep through the whole exam.  No pain is involved.  Take the bowel prep, have the sedation, have the exam, save your life.  It’s that easy.

If we all have regular colonoscopies every ten years (more often if your colon likes to grow polyps), we can prevent colon cancer in almost everyone.

Don’t wait for symptoms.  Colon and rectal polyps and cancer do not show up with symptoms until it is often too late.

If you have any questions, please ask your doctor, or contact the Sentara Surgery Specialists at 703-523-9750.

Instagram or instant scam?

From the Manassas City police press release:

On March 10, 2018, an officer of the Manassas City Police Department met with a complainant for a report of a fraud. The victim was contacted by a subject on Instagram offering her $500 in exchange for use of her Instagram account for a promotional advertisement. To collect payment, the victim was asked to provide her bank account information. The victim was later notified by her bank three fraudulent checks were deposited into her account.

Children, don’t try this at Home: shoplifting turns to grand larceny charge

Form the Manassas City police report:

On March 9, 2018 at approximately 6:26 p.m., an officer of the Manassas City Police Department responded to 8805 Liberia Ave (Home Depot) for a report of a shoplifting. A loss prevention associate told police a white male had stolen several power tools from the business. Through investigation the suspect was later identified and taken into custody.  

Arrested: KENNEDY, John William a 24-year-old resident of Dumfries.

    Charge: Grand Larceny

Porsche SUV suspected in hit and run

From the Manassas City police press release:

On March 11, 2018 at approximately 2:55 p.m., officers of the Manassas City Police Department responded to the area of 8700 Centreville Rd for a report of a hit and run. Through investigation it was determined the victim was stopped in traffic on Centreville Rd when her vehicle was rear-ended. When the victim pulled off the road to exchange information the suspect fled the area on Centreville Rd towards Liberia Ave. The suspect vehicle is a dark colored Porsche SUV driven by an Asian male approximately 65-68-years-of-age.

Updated: Meeting on Haymarket commuter lot rescheduled

Update from VDOT on Monday, March 19, 2018:

Please note due to the forecasted winter weather, the “pardon our dust” meeting detailed below has been postponed to Wednesday, April 4 from 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. (presentation will start at 7 p.m.) at Battlefield High School.

From the VDOT press release:

HAYMARKET – The Virginia Department of Transportation invites local residents and commuters to a “pardon our dust” meeting Wednesday, March 21 to learn more about work getting underway on a new park and ride lot at the northeast corner of the I-66/Route 15 interchange. The project is intended to encourage carpools and transit use, and to relieve congestion and reduce delays on I-66.

Stop by for an open house between 6:30 and 8 p.m. (presentation starts at 7 p.m.) to learn about the project and construction schedule, and meet with the project team at Battlefield High School, 15000 Graduation Drive, Haymarket, VA 20169.

The park and ride, which will be accessible via Heathcote Boulevard, will include:

  • 230 parking spaces for commuters
  • Bus bays and shelters
  • Bicycle racks and lockers
  • Kiss-and-ride area
  • Parking management system
  • Efforts to limit environmental impacts including to streams and wetlands

Construction is scheduled to begin in April, and the park and ride is expected to open to the public in December. The project is scheduled for completion in spring 2019.

Follow VDOT Northern Virginia on Twitter: @vadotnova

Mary Washington Healthcare first in D.C. Metro to offer breast Microseed treatment

The Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) Regional Cancer Center is one of only six sites in the U.S. and the first in the Washington D.C. metro to offer the most advanced radiation therapy for early-stage breast cancer: Breast Microseed Treatment®. Dr. Jean-Philippe Pignol, the innovator of this treatment, recently visited Mary Washington Hospital to share his knowledge and experience with the MWHC Regional Cancer Center team. 
Breast Microseed Treatment® is a groundbreaking radiation therapy that works to prevent the recurrence of cancer by treating both the site from which a cancerous tumor was removed and the surrounding tissue. The new treatment is similar to seed radiation therapy used successfully to treat prostate cancer. To deliver this treatment, radiation oncologists place radioactive palladium-filled titanium seeds in the breast around the tumor site. The seeds, approximately the size of a grain rice, deliver low dose radiation over several weeks following the procedure. After treatment, the radiation delivery is complete and the seeds are safe to remain in the breast. 
“Breast Microseed Treatment® offers comparable results to traditional beam radiation therapy but this procedure provides so much more in terms of a patient’s experience and quality of life during treatment. This one-time procedure takes the place of what can sometimes be more than 30 radiation treatment sessions. Because the microseed uses less radiation than traditional treatments, patients also experience fewer side effects. This technology allows patients live their lives and get back to the people and things they love,” said Dr. John Chinault, Director of Radiation Oncology at the MWHC Regional Cancer Center. 
To be a candidate for Breast Microseed Treatment®, patients must be 50 years of age or older with early-stage breast cancer. Learn more online at