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Jan 26, 2018 - Jan 27, 2018
12:00 am

VA Granny Basketball League Looking For Senior Women 50 Years and Older

Six-on-Six Basketball a “Gentle Game for Women of a Certain Age”. Come Join the Fun! Granny Basketball continues to grow. This 1920s-era of basketball rules and regulated uniforms is what makes this basketball program so much fun. Rules state there is no running, jumping or contact allowed. Regulated uniforms consist of bloomers, middy blouses with sash collars and knee-high socks. Granny Basketball (named for the granny shot, an underhand toss) currently has more than 300 players on 28 teams representing eight states. Included among the teams is the Gracious Grannies Basketball Team and the VA Dream Team, both representing Virginia. The 2018 Granny Season runs from January thru May with state tournament in June and national tournament in July. Season just started January 1st. Virginia is currently looking for more players, who must be at least 50, to add to these teams as well as players to form new teams. Those interested in playing VA Granny Basketball or would like to volunteer as a coach, referee or scorekeeper, please contact the Granny Basketball Representative for Virginia, Verdella Carter, at 571-490-6502; or at website: