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Some property values to fall as Stafford votes to downzone

They’re back! City again wrangles with railroad over tanker cars

Stafford unloads 12 acres at Quantico Corporate Center

Pizza delivery for docs, nurses at Prince William Medical Center

Federal funds to be used to rebrand, grow FRED Transit bus service

Residents don’t comprehend proposed noise rules, Fredericksburg leaders say

Stafford schools proposes using $10 million for teacher pay raises

Stafford aims to spend $3.4 million to attract international shipper DHL

‘Emancipation Highway’ name change bill leaves Stafford on the hook for $1.2 million

Stafford prioritizes 3 road improvement projects

F%@& that: Swearing no longer a crime in Fredericksburg

With population growing, Stafford turns attention to redistricting

Stafford seeks federal funds to improve firefighter health, prevent injuries

Federal grant to boost Fredericksburg river rescue team

Stafford sees new mini-5G towers as part of Smart City project

Stafford urges Delegate Cole to kill bill putting county on hook for transportation funding

Fredericksburg raises towing fees

Train station feeder bus, commuter lot expansion wanted

Stafford moves ahead with plans for 6th high school

Fredericksburg renews $1 lease on playground

Sunken Well Tavern adapts to the pitfalls of the pandemic

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