$1.8 million stream realignment planned at Stafford County park

The Stafford County Board of Supervisors voted to restore a stream at St. Clair Brooks Park, located off of Butler Road in Falmouth.

The project plans to realign the stream in several locations away from steep slopes that could introduce sediment and other materials into the stream.

The project also plans to use natural materials such as the surrounding trees and dirt at the restoration site to prevent the need for hauling away large trees, to import new materials, and to give the area a more natural look, county officials said.

The county, on advice from geo-engineering company the Timmons Group, have made adjustments to a contract.

Among those changes will include updates in previously prepared plans for the realignment as well as extending the project 100 feet further downstream on top of the previously set 1,400 linear feet. All these aspects combined will come out of the County’s Architectural and Engineering Fund at a cost of $69,120.

The project is currently listed as part of the County’s Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Year 2022 and meets its obligations to remove nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment from the Rappahannock River Watershed, which eventually flows into the polluted Chesapeake Bay. Stafford has an obligation to do so under this agreement through 2024.

The stream restoration project was recently chosen by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to receive an award from the Stormwater Local Assistance Fund to the tune of $871,000.

Those funds are intended to be a reimbursement for design and construction costs. In addition, Stafford has also received funding from the Friends of the Rappahannock totaling $40,000 which matches a grant given to the County by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Those funds will be used to complete the entire restoration project which is estimated by the county to be $1.8 million.

The funding from the Friends of the Rappahannock came after an official endorsement of the stream restoration project from the group.

Stafford plans to open bids for the project later this year.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported the cost of the stream project.

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