Stafford quarry to spray loads, reduce dust, county officials say

Stafford County officials said the Vulcan Quarry is going to clean up its act.

Weeks of little rainfall in the region have left the busy intersection outside the quarry, Garrisonville Vulcan Quarry roads in North Stafford, dusty and gray.

Giant dump trucks hauling rock have left a trail of dusty tire tracks on the pavement while the wind blows more dust off the top of the loads onto the passing cars.

Multiple residents emailed us to complain about the dust and asked what was being done to curb the problem.

PLN contacted Rock Hill District Supervisor Crystal Vancuh, who represents residents who live near the quarry. After our email, she asked to see proffers on file since 2001, when the quarry opened.

Trucks leaving the facility are to be sprayed with water to control dust, and the streets are treated to ensure they are also dust-free.

On Wednesday, Stafford “…received from the business’ representative. Vulcan is responding immediately by requiring all trucks exiting the quarry to have their wheels washed, extending street sweeping activity as necessary to Garrisonville Road east towards Shelton Shop Road, and by applying gravel to muddy areas.”

“This is great news. Not sure why this isn’t done all the time,” Vanuch wrote in an email.

Vulcan Materials did not respond to our request for comment.

The Stafford quarry is one of 60 facilities in the state, including quarries in Manassas and Lorton, the company operates.

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