Youngkin rallies near Dumfries with top of Virginia GOP ticket

Glenn Youngkin (center) Virginia GOP candidate for Governor, rallies with running mates Winsome Sears (right) for Lt. Governor, and Jason Miyares (left) for Attorney General.

The top of Virginia’s Republican ticket rallied a standing-room-only crowd in Prince William County.

Glenn Youngkin, the GOP nominee for governor, stood at the front of  standing-room-only crowd at Montclair Tabernacle Chruch in Prince William County. Wearing a pair of brown cowboy boots and a blazer, the crowd cheeered when he spoke of returning Virginia to the top of the best states in which to live and in which to do business.

“That’s the Virginia we remember, and Democrats have put her in the ditch,” said Youngkin.

Since 2013, Democrats have controlled the governor’s mansion and the General Assembly since 2019.

Earlier this month, Youngkin, the former CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based Carlyle investment group, won an unassembled convention that put him a the top of the ticket.

Winsome Sears — the first black female Republican, first female veteran, and the first naturalized citizen to be elected to General Assembly — stands by his side as his Lt. Governor candidate.

Jason Miyares, a House of Delegates member from Virginia Beach and the GOP nominee for Attorney General, comes from a family that fled communist Cuba in 1965.

The ticket is one of the most diverse in Virginia history.

“It’s overwhelmingly exciting and encouraging. Something special is happening,” added Youngkin, who said he would be locking arms with independents and Democrats to win in November.

“It’s not an easy path to win. It’s not about the three of us. It’s about all of us,” said Youngkin.

Youngkin and Miyares blasted the state’s parole board. Its members appointed by Gov. Ralph Northam and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe — who again seeking the seat, as state law does not allow Northam to seek a second term — released nearly 100 inmates, 35 of them violent offenders, from prison in 2020.

Miyares cited the case of Gregory Joyner, released from prison earlier this year after being sentenced to life in prison in 1989 for the murder and attempted rape of 15-year-old Sarah Jamison, of Lynchburg.

“It’s prom season, and all I can think is that Sarah Jamison didn’t get to celebrate prom, and Joyner gets to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family for the next 40 years,” said Miyares.

Both Youngkin and Miyares voiced their support for law enforcement, blasting Democrats in the General Assembly pushing legislation to end qualified immunity, which would allow anyone to sue a police officer working in the line of duty.

“Law enforcement are our heroes: We have your back because you have us,” said Younkin.

Younkin also blasted educators in the state who no longer want to teach advanced mathematics and ending the practice of issuing advanced high school diplomas. “We will teach advanced math and award advanced diplomas,” he said.

Sears linked the decision to stop rewarding advanced students with the recent push by Democrats for equity in public schools, and to critical race theory, a practice banned in the federal workplace under the Trump administration but restored under President Biden.

“Critical race theory is ostensibly trying to help people who look me, “said Sears. “We don’t need that kind of help.”

Sears praised private schools for opening their doors last fall to in-person learning and said her detractors are trying unsuccessfully to peg her into a mold.

I’m black. I’m a woman, I’m an immigrant… I’m all the things that ‘deplorables’ are supposed to hate. How do you like the ticket now?” said Sears.

Democrats will choose their ticket from a crowded field of candidates during a statewide Primary Election on June 8.





8 thoughts on “Youngkin rallies near Dumfries with top of Virginia GOP ticket

  1. After the Corey Stuart debacle, I understand why the GOP forced this guy on the voters. Unfortunate but he has already made 2 huge mistakes,getting the support of the prior president and campaigning with Cruz. VA is one of the top educated states. Going to be hard to run on policy after what we have witnessed these last few months from the party of trump. Like we say in NOVA, Obama got us Trump and Trump turn VA solid blue.

    1. Agreed. These RINOs think they can force this no-name down our throats by not letting the voters decide in a primary. Not doing it.

  2. They did a poll during our last election and around 70% of VA voters were in favor of must stricter gun control. Add this to the fact that the vast majority of us approved of how we handled the COVID crisis, I just don’t see any chance for GOP this time around.

  3. Not voting for Youngkin. The GOP knew Amanda Chase was the true patriot choice of the people, and instead they forced this no-name RINO on us in a backroom deal. Now I’m supposed to fall in line and vote for this sap? Not happening. I’ll be writing Chase in.

  4. He leans too far to the right for this state. Let this be a lesson for future GOP candidates, follow in the footsteps of people like Hogan and not trump.

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