Caller’s tip leads to driver charged with DUI

Dorsey [Photo: Stafford sheriff's office]

An intoxicated driver was removed from the roadway yesterday by Stafford deputies after a citizen reported her egregious driving behavior.

At 10:01 a.m. yesterday, the Emergency Communications Center received an emergency call for a silver Mercedes swerving all over the road, crossing into oncoming traffic and occasionally stopping in the middle of the road.

Deputy A.W. Sypolt located the vehicle near Enon Road and Wyatt Lane and attempted a traffic stop. The driver continued along Enon Road, crossing over the double yellow before finally stopping in traffic at the intersection with Jefferson Davis Highway.

Deputy Sypolt approached the vehicle and began to knock on the driver’s window to get her attention. She continued to fumble with items in her car, and the deputy had to open her door. Deputy Sypolt instructed her to turn the car off, and she complied by removing the keys and throwing them out of the car.

She was then instructed to exit the vehicle to conduct field sobriety tests. She stepped out of the car and began to urinate on the pavement. She then resisted the deputy as he detained her.

Field sobriety tests were administered, and the driver was arrested for DUI. A subsequent search revealed a suspected controlled substance in her purse.

Tameca Dorsey, 36 of Rex, of Georgia, is charged with DUI third or subsequent offense, possession of a controlled substance, driving revoked third or subsequent offense, and obstruction of justice. She was held without bond at the Rappahannock Regional Jail.

One thought on “Caller’s tip leads to driver charged with DUI

  1. A saw a part of that. Sirens are pretty normal here on Enon. My porch is situated where you clearly see all traffic at the first bend at Enon and US1. I watched as the silver car veared across the double yellow about 100 yards before the light at US1. I’m so glad someone called, and that one of our fine deputies was right there! WELL DONE!

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