Suspect nabbed after car chase now faces credit card charge fraud


A Fredericksburg man who authorities said eluded them during a car pursuit, and then crashed into a light pole, is now also faces credit card fraud charges.

On January 20, Stafford County Sheriff’s Detective D.V. Torrice Jr. began investigating where a victim’s debit card was stolen from his car and then was used to complete multiple fraudulent transactions.

The detective was able to obtain security footage of the suspect using the card at a Sheetz gas station on Carl D. Silver Parkway in Fredericksburg and at an Exxon on Route 3 in Spotsylvania County. The suspect used the card to purchase food items and gift cards, according to the Stafford sheriff’s office.

Through security footage, the detective was able to identify a vehicle associated with a possible suspect.

On February 10, a suspect was arrested by Stafford County Sheriff’s Deputies after crashing a stolen vehicle during a pursuit and fleeing the scene, according to the sheriff’s office. The suspect was later found hiding in a shed in a backyard of a home. After his arrest, the investigator looked at photos of of the suspect that were taken in February.

Conveniently, during the time of his arrest, the suspect was wearing a sweatshirt that matched the one worn by the suspect seen on security footage. The detective continued to build his case and obtained a search warrant for the vehicle involved in the pursuit, the sheriff’s office states.

In the vehicle’s trunk, sweatpants matching those worn by the suspect in security footage were found as well, according to the sheriff. It was also discovered the slippers the suspect had left behind in the vehicle when he fled the crash also matched those worn by the suspect in security footage, a sheriff’s spokeswoman adds.

Wadah Mahgoub, 20, of Fredericksburg now faces charges of credit card theft, credit card fraud, two counts of identity fraud, two counts of obtaining money by false pretenses, and larceny.

The suspect was served the warrants on February 25 while he was behind bars at the Rappahannock Regional Jail where he remains without bond.

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