Instead of harassing business owners, investigators should assist in vaccine roll-out, says county supervisor

Today, there were mixed messages on whether or not newly contracted state health inspectors have the authority to order a business closed.


During a meeting of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, Coles Supervisor Yesli Vega asked about the new contractors. They have been hired to investigate people’s complaints about not wearing masks inside businesses in Prince William County, Manassas, and Manassas Park.

Instead of fining small business owners, Vega suggested the contractor’s skills could be better used in the effort to vaccinate the more than 465,000 residents who live in the county.

Prince William Health District chief Dr. Alison Ansher replied to Vega, saying she didn’t believe the contractors had the authority to shudder a business.

“Generally, we don’t try to close places down,” explained Ansher. “We try to use education to explain the importance of wearing masks.”

Three new contractors were hired in early February to conduct surprise visits to ensure people are wearing masks. If they’re not, the contractors can revoke a business’s occupancy permit, putting it out of business, reports the Prince William Times.

Brentsville District Supervisor Jeanine Lawson pointed out that fact, as reported by the newspaper. Ansher had no further comment on the issue.

Since May, there have been more than 1,800 mask complaints filed with the Prince William Health District office, an arm of the Virginia Department of Health. Most have been unfounded.

While Gov. Ralph Northam eased some coronavirus restrictions this week, including allowing restaurants to stay open past 10 p.m., his order requiring Virginia residents to wear a mask in public remains in effect.

Virginia is one of 35 states that still have a mask mandate in place. Governors in Montana, Iowa, North Dakota, Mississippi, and Texas have lifted their mask mandates.

It’s up to the state health department to enforce Governor Northam’s mask mandate, not the police

8 thoughts on “Instead of harassing business owners, investigators should assist in vaccine roll-out, says county supervisor

  1. Most responsible businesses require masks inside their establishment. A few blatantly ignore mask requirements – these businesses should be closed.

    1. Or…if you don’t like the stores policy, you just shop elsewhere. Who are you to take away a person’s or a family’s livelihood?

  2. so we had to hire people to do this jesus dont we have enough employees get a grip get rid of the contractors save some money

  3. Complaints are anonymous and on a very general form. No proof is required. This is pure statist evil…encouraging communities to report each other.

  4. What is the governor’s criteria for ending the mandate for masks? Texas is moving out smartly. So should Virginia. I am hearing more and more about people who have to wear masks all day at work getting sick from the masks. We should be moving towards ending the mask mandate rather than hiring contractors to “investigate” complaints about people not wearing them.

  5. Had they only hired enough a year ago to keep the filthy covid deniers from making this past year worse that would have been great.

    Wash your hands you filthy animals.

  6. “Flatten the Curve”, was the rule of the day, only “Two weeks” needed they said. “Use your head for more than a hat rack” (quoting my dad).

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