GOP plea Fairfax conservatives to run for office

Are there any Republicans left in Fairfax County?

Conservatives in the deep-blue county are waking up to the fact their interests are not being represented in Richmond.

A new email from the county’s Republican committee sent Tuesday night pleas residents to run for office, noting eight seats in the House of Delegates currently have no one from the GOP running to challenge the incumbent Democrat in office.

The Fairfax GOP identifies the seats with no challenger and offers to train would-be candidates on the issues, help them file the proper paperwork, and support them during their bid for office.

In November, every seat in the House of Delegates is up for grabs, and so is the governor’s mansion.

The last time a Fairfax voted a Republican into the White House was in 1988, with the election of George H.W. Bush.

Here’s a snippet from the GOP email.

I write to you with an appeal to run for office in 2021. The entirety of the House of Delegates is up for election this year – 100 seats across the state of Virginia, with seventeen of those seats right here in Fairfax County. Undoubtedly, you have been shocked by the policies coming out of Radical Richmond. Our state legislature is run by a Democrat Party that has become increasingly disconnected with the average Virginian.

Virginia Democrat policy proposals seem to be clear:
keeping schools closed,
blocking school choice initiatives,
eroding sanctity of life protections,
rising taxes and energy bills during a pandemic,?????
infringing on our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights,
defunding police departments,??????
voting down common sense election integrity measures

The Radical Richmond agenda needs to come to an end, and it is our responsibility to challenge their governance. Of the seventeen delegate seats in Fairfax County, not a single one is currently represented by a Republican. We have no seat at the table and our values are not being represented in Richmond.

2 thoughts on “GOP plea Fairfax conservatives to run for office

  1. If the GOP desires winning elections again they first must know the voters. Adopting an unsuitable ideology expressed very vitriolically won’t do for such very diverse electorate.

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