Stafford sees new mini-5G towers as part of Smart City project

New 5G cell phone towers have been erected along Courthouse Road in Stafford County as part of an effort to remake the courthouse area into a Smart City. [Photo: @nickz/Twitter]

Stafford’s Smart City is beginning to materialize.

Recently Stafford residents have noticed a couple of new additions made to the landscape of Courthouse Road. They’re new mini-5G towers. They’re not as looming as your typical 5G tower that AT&T and T-Mobile use, but they’re easy to spot if you know what to look for.

In addition to the mini-tower on Courthouse Road, another tower has been installed in the Stafford County Government Center’s parking lot.

These towers, which were installed by Verizon last fall, are the first small touches of Stafford’s evolution into a smart city as a part of the mission of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed.

The Virginia Smart Community Testbed is an initiative of the Center for Innovative Technology, a first of its kind program in the Commonwealth.

More than just faster internet speeds, Stafford plans to install and use new technology to monitor everything from traffic conditions on area streets to the amount of garbage piling up in area dumpsters.

Through this, Stafford has essentially become a laboratory for the use of new smart technology that can be observed in action and potentially put to use across the country in the future.

According to Stafford County spokeswoman Shannon Eubanks, the mini-towers will offer 5G and 4G LTE service for both the local government and the public.

Eubanks also states that the next step of CIT’s plan will be an official grand opening of the spring testbed.

The county also plans to deploy smart flood sensors in the immediate future, which will detect floods in specific strategic locations within the county. Information on where those locations will be has yet to be released.

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