Charges dropped for 5 suspects tied to Manassas riots, Prince William Supervisor reports


Information is taken from the December 7, 2020 newsletter from the Office of Prince William County Coles District Supervisor Yesli Vega


In late October, Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Amy Ashworth dropped the charges against five individuals arrested during the May 30-31 riots and attacks on law enforcement on Sudley Road and Liberia Avenue.

Of the eight individuals arrested by the County Police Department over the course of the two days, five had their charges dropped.

Four police officers were seriously injured due to the attacks on May 30, including one who suffered a major head injury for which he had to be taken to the hospital.

Attendees of the riot were made to disperse from Sudley Road after blocking the road just up the street from Prince William and Kaiser Permanente Hospital. According to the police report, some of the protesters proceeded to jump on top of stopped cars along the busy road and threw dangerous projectiles at officers and civilians stopped by the protest alike.

An unlawful assembly was declared shortly after 8 p.m. In addition to the attacks on law enforcement and civilians, numerous businesses, vehicles, and police cars were vandalized along Sudley Road.

One of those arrested attempted to ram their vehicle through a police perimeter.

The following day, two more were arrested for looting the Walmart on Liberia Avenue connected with a local church protest. The evening ended with Manassas police being forced out of the area by protest attendees.

13 thoughts on “Charges dropped for 5 suspects tied to Manassas riots, Prince William Supervisor reports

  1. Law Enforcement, and law abiding citizens, have been assaulted yet again.

    When and how will this concerted effort to undermine lawful, peaceful society end?

  2. Any reason why Ashworth is permitting rioters, vandals looters and violent offenders to go free?…enabling more violent, lawless attitudes to take over PWC?…why? If she is not going to stand up to thug attutude and scared to actually do he job then she needs to be fired…

  3. Unacceptable to drop the charges completely. When are people held accountable for their actions when they go beyond the protections of a peaceful protest. The residents and businesses of the city and county are the victims. Peaceful protestors are the victims also if you really look at it from a higher altitude.
    Everything from probation, community service to some jail time based on one’s criminal history should have been options on the table. Total fail on the part of the D.A. Grade F.

    1. She’s a POS. Just like the criminals she let go free. Can’t wait until it effects her family personally. It will and she’ll try to go back and justify that at that time it’ll be ok to throw them in jail.

  4. If the looters & rioters had descended on Amy Ashworth’s neighborhood, they would all be serving 10 years in federal prison. Apparently, there is a concerted effort by the Democrat-Socialists in PWC to “fundamentally transform” the county into a left-wing disaster. If no one confronts these lefties, it will only get worse. That much is guaranteed. Where are PWC’s conservative leaders?

  5. Like most Virginia DA I have to wonder if she had help from a very rich liberal to get into her position. Rumor has it many of our DAs know the Rich Liberal well. It shows in their unjust decisions.

  6. I did not vote for her. Unfortunately we have three more years of this spineless woman. May the parties start looking for candidates NOW to replace her.

  7. Let me guess, all 11 are Hispanics. The norm. Time for PWC residents to take the law in your own hands as this new generation, especially in Dale City, are nothing but thugs and will be getting much worse with the resurrection of Woodbridge and Manassas. Where are they going to go? Dale City has no laws and no homeowners association. Big mistake? Free crime without prosecution.

  8. With the The People’s confidence, trust and support in our LEOs and Govt (local, State, and Federal) at an all time low, I find it disturbing that any DA would take this stance. I do not personally know this DA, however, perhaps the public’s comments here are warranted that this DA is the wrong person for the job. There are good people here in Dale City/Woodbridge/PWC that expect our elected officials to do their jobs.

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