Woodbridge supervisor provides updates on parks, transportation projects

The Woodbridge VRE station [Photo: VRE]

Prince William County Woodbridge District Supervisor Margaret Franklin held a recent town hall meeting to discuss transportation, infrastructure, and parks projects in the district.

Here are notes from the call provided by the supervisor:

Route 1 Widening
Reconstruction of the Annapolis Way intersection was recently completed.

The Gordon Blvd intersection was also completed. Traffic is switched to the new pavement between Horner Road and Route 1. The detour pavement will be destroyed, and the area restored.
Stage 3 of the Marumsco bridge work continues. The northbound deck has been completed and the bridge approaches will be completed by the end of June.

The next milestone will be the traffic switch at the Marumsco Creek Bridge upon completion of the curing period. The existing northbound lanes will be shifted to the new northbound lanes at the bridge. The southbound lanes will also be shifted to the permanent southbound lanes. This will allow completion of the sidewalk at the southbound or west side of the bridge. The traffic switch should be accomplished by the end of July, weather permitting.

This shift will be followed by the completion of all roadwork between Mary’s Way and the Occoquan Bridge as well as the completion of lighting, landscaping, final surface paving, final striping and all other miscellaneous items.

The last milestone will be the substantial completion of the project by November, when all traffic between Annapolis Way and Mary’s Way will be moved to its final configuration.

The entire project is scheduled to be completed towards the end of November this year.

Opitz Boulevard Sidewalk
This project involves the design and construction of approximately 1,300 feet of sidewalk along the south side of Opitz Boulevard. The facility will connect to an existing sidewalk on Potomac Center Boulevard, and to an existing sidewalk on Opitz Boulevard at the Potomac Library. This project is expected to be completed between 2022-2023.

Route 1- Featherstone to Mary’s Way
This project involves the widening of Route 1 from Mary’s Way to Featherstone Road from a four-lane undivided highway to a six-lane divided highway. The total distance of the project will be 1.3 miles and will include the construction of a 10- foot wide multi-modal trail and a 5- foot wide sidewalk along the sides of the route. Utility ductwork completed. Road construction should begin this fall.

Annapolis Way
This project is a roadway improvement project to extend Annapolis Way to connect Route 1 to Route 123. The project also includes a design of extending the adjacent roadway of Marina Way and a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) for North Woodbridge.

Neabsco Mills Road Widening
This project widens Neabsco Mills Road and is currently under design. Right-of-way acquisition is currently underway and this project is expected to be completed by 2022.

Neabsco/Woodbridge/Potomac Commuter Parking Garage
This project includes the construction of a 1,400-space garage within the vicinity of the Neabsco Mills Road Widening Project. The construction of the garage will serve as a park and ride facility for commuters, relieving capacity at the Route 1/Route 234 park and ride lot. Located on county-owned property behind Stonebridge/ Across street from Sentara.

Recently Completed Projects

Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park Parking Lot
This project constructed a parking lot at Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park for visitors to the park, Neabsco Creek Boardwalk and Rippon Landing Historic Home.

Express Lane Sidewalk

This project constructed a missing section of the sidewalk at the front of the Woodbridge VRE station to improve commuter safety. The project also replaced 3 ramps.

Horner Road Sidewalk
This project constructed a missing sidewalk section with 360 feet of new sidewalk along Horner Road ending at Kilby Elementary School.

Southampton Street Sidewalk
This project will provide safety, commuter parking and pedestrian improvements and will increase the safety and capacity of the County’s transportation system.

Blackburn Road Parking/Rippon Landing Neighborhood Park
Purpose: Construct a parking lot at Rippon Landing
Ribbon cutting was held on June 1, 2019.
Construction of the trail extension is complete.
Blackburn Road Pedestrian Improvements
Purpose: Construct a sidewalk/multi-use trail from Route 1 to the newly constructed Neabsco Boardwalk across from Rippon Lodge

Ribbon cutting was held on June 1, 2019

Woodbridge Magisterial District Parks & Recreation Projects

Belmont Park-Belmont Park Bridge replacement;

Hammill Mill Park- Paving; site Improvements (ADA) and retaining Wall replacement;

Rippon Lodge-Install flat Roof; front gate; ADA Trail; interior sidewalk;

Veterans Memorial Park-Tennis/Basketball court repaving;

Neabsco Regional Park – Julie Metz to Leesylvania State Park
Boardwalk connection; Rippon Landing boat launch; Wayfinding signage; Exercise Trail;
Several Parts of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

Recently completed:
Veterans Park- Rectangular Lighting Installation; Maintenance Building; New Restroom Construction; Replace Outfield Fence; Pool Whitecoat, Scoreboard; Design for paving and ADA improvements;
Woodbridge Middle School- Artificial turf and Lighting;
Neabsco Regional Park- Boardwalk; Temporary Boardwalk at Julie Metz;
North Woodbridge Small Area Plan

The North Woodbridge Small Area Plan was adopted by the [Prince William Board of County Supervisors] on October 3, 2019 as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. As part of the long-range planning process, the North Woodbridge Small Area Plan sets forth a vision for the re-development of the area over the next 20 years.

The North Woodbridge Small Area Plan contains the necessary elements to change the area into a vibrant transit-oriented center that protects and celebrates the natural and cultural resources of the area. The plan also concentrates on leveraging the area’s assets for economic growth and providing a high quality of life.

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