JTC provides 99.9% uptime, peace of mind for businesses on its cloud service

The JTC, Inc. team, awarded Prince William Chamber of Commerce “Tech Company of the Year” for 2020, works to ensure your business keeps running in times of disaster.

As the economy slowly begins to reopen following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are turning to the cloud to keep their business, and employees working seamlessly in times of uncertainty. 


JTC, Inc., in Manassas, Virginia, has been a leader in helping businesses in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area migrate their data to the cloud by granting its customers access to its privately-owned JTC Sky network, which guarantees 99.9% uptime.

During the pandemic, JTC has been busier than ever, working to move even more businesses to the cloud. 

Dempsey & Company CPAs, in Manassas, Virginia, has been working in the cloud since the company was founded two years ago. Dempsey & Company relies on JTC Sky. 

“We have all of our servers, all of our data, everything in the cloud at this point. When I set the business up, I wanted to have the ability to work remotely, to be able to access information from clients’ offices, be able to provide that service, meet with a client, and be able to pull up their information and have it right there,” said Dempsey & Company CPAs Principal Jeannie Dempsey.

Dempsey & Company CPAs

Dempsey described the many advantages of moving to the cloud. Recently, the biggest advantage is no loss of work time due to the fact that now everyone is working from home. And, that’s helpful, because that means all of the employees have all of their data with them and have no need to go to the office to look up old files, or old information that might have been stored on a local server inside the office.

“If I’m meeting with a client at their office, if I’m working from a client’s office one day because they’re having an audit or something and I need to be there, I can still work with other clients. I can log in, I can work remotely, I can keep up with my information,” said Dempsey.

They have also seen great improvements in the software programs the company uses on a daily basis. Like the company’s tax software, which before had to be updated manually, but is now updated automatically, faster, in the cloud.

Moving to the cloud as also proven effective for the company’s bottom line, too. No longer having the need for large space to store file cabinets, Dempsey & Company’s CPAs has reduced the size of its physical office space after they moved all of their files online. Now, those files are accessible from anywhere in the world.  

Dempsey shared advice for business owners looking to move to the cloud.

“I biggest thing would be that they would have to get over the idea of owning the servers. Servers are very expensive and that’s a huge amount of output. I think some people might look at the monthly fees they’re paying for the cloud as a lot more expensive than what they want to pay out every month, but if you look at the fact that you don’t have those servers to pay for and you don’t have the in-house work on them to deal with, I haven’t found it to be any more expensive than what I was gonna be paying in servers, time and equipment,” said Dempsey.

Over the past eight weeks, many businesses have become comfortable with the idea of their employees working remotely. That trust, said Dempsey, is critical to a successful cloud computing strategy for any business.

“Today, employees may all want to work different hours, they may not always want to work eight to five. If they’re getting the work done and you trust them, then it’s pretty easy to allow them to work remotely,” said Dempsey

About JTC, Inc. 

JTC has just released its 5th generation of Private Cloud Hosting Services.  The firm owns and operates its own Private Cloud Infrastructure located in multiple data centers, as noted in this exclusive LeaseWeb article: Leaseweb USA Accelerates JTC’s Infrastructure Update

Dataverstiy has also highlighted JTC’s work to build a trusted IT cloud infrastructure:  Case Study: JTC Grows its Cloud Services Core through Trust and Teamwork

JTC was also named “Tech Company of the Year” for 2020 by the Prince William County Chamber.

Founded in 1996 and incorporated in 2002, Jewell Technical Consulting is a leading provider of technology-based business solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area. 

Headquartered in Manassas, Virginia, Jewell Technical Consulting services the business needs of a variety of clients and employs Cisco and Microsoft Certified full-time professionals that are truly some of the best in the business.

Our staff has many years of experience and strives to continue learning all of the new products and features the technology world has to offer. Every JTC employee is committed to making your technology function the best way possible, so you and your company get the most out of it.

Contact JTC, Inc. today by visiting their website, by calling 703-794-1225, or by visiting them on Facebook.

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