Dale City Rec Center used to house homeless during coronavirus pandemic

Sharon Baucom Dale City Rec Center [Photo: Prince William County Government]

A popular neighborhood fitness and swimming center will now be used to house the homeless who have been affeetd by the coronavirus.

The Sharon Baucom Dale City Rec Center (DCRC), located at 14300 Minnieville Road in Dale City, will be used as a shelter for adults who are homeless during Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s shutdown issued in late March in response to the spread of the coronavirus. 

The rec center will temporarily replace an overnight homeless shelter and the Bill Mehr Drop-In Center whose functions are now combined at the Dale City Rec Center. The rec center was opened to homeless individuals on Friday, May 1 at 6:30 p.m., according to a Prince William County spokeswoman.

The purpose is to allow sufficient social distancing and a place for adults experiencing homelessness to shelter, she adds.

Streetlight Community Outreach Ministries is the contracted service provider with support from the Prince William County Department of Social Services (DSS). The Prince William County Government tells Potomac Local News that the Department of Social Services is unaware of any other community centers being converted to house adults experiencing homelessness.

Prior to its decision to house the homeless at the recreation center, the county had already closed all fitness and rec centers, and playgrounds due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Under normal circumstances, the Dale City Recreation Center is open to the public and features a cardio and strength training area, multipurpose rooms used for dancing, tumbling, and martial art, basketball and volleyball courts, a pilates studio, and hot tub.


3 thoughts on “Dale City Rec Center used to house homeless during coronavirus pandemic

  1. Good morning and thanks for sharing. I’m glad to read this. However, as an advocate for people who are currently homeless, please refer to people as people and not just the substantive adjective “homeless.” If you could, please edit your title and article to include the word people after the word homeless. Thank you.

    1. OR refer to them as losers, plague on society, because they choose to be homeless. there are many government programs that will fund a person down on their luck, but as many of these “people” have told me — they make more money pan handling tax free then working a minimum wage job… just last week a guy I have seen for a year now in the same location said he has made $60,000 so far tax free.

      1. Mark,
        You are totally ignorant to what mentally ill people deal with trying to make it in this world, especially surrounded by people who think like you. I know a homeless person who needs a full time job so he can get off the streets, he is unable to find employment because he is disabled and has no address. Any ideas where he can get such a job?
        Please try to be kind to others, you may need help one day yourself. Peace be with you.

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