Virginia Youth Club of America legitimate, Manassas police now say

Police in Manassas says they have now verified the legitimacy of a charity in which it warned its residents about earlier this week.

On Monday, police told Potomac Local News that someone was walking going to door-to-door seeking donations on behalf of the Virginia Youth Club of America, using a flier with the police department’s name on it.

At the time, the department said residents should not consider the name on the flier an endorsement from the department.

Today, the police followed up with a new statement. “The Manassas City Police Department has verified that the Virginia Youth Club of America is registered with the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs as required by the Virginia Solicitation of Contributions Law,” states a police press release.

A spokesman for the club contacted Potomac Local News and said the organization had contacted the police department, notifying it of its canvass on January 29.

The organization works with teenagers ages 14 to 17 and focuses on training them in fundamentals in which they may be lacking. These include the following direction and working in teams.

“Our club is in a never-ending fight to see that no teenager’s life becomes a cliché, such as “falling through the cracks,” the organization’s website states.

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