Pot hole repair to slow traffic at Falmouth on Friday

Press release | Motorists can expect brief delays tomorrow on the Route 17 southbound on-ramp to I-95 southbound at Exit 133 (Falmouth) in Stafford County due to mobile pothole repairs.

Beginning at 9 a.m. Friday, Jan. 10, motorists can expect brief, intermittent traffic stops of 5-10 minutes at the ramp. All repair work will be completed by noon.

This afternoon, crews are positioning rough ride signs on the ramp to alert motorists that several potholes have developed on the ramp.
Crews will temporarily repair potholes on the ramp tomorrow, and will schedule future permanent repairs using milling and paving.
Potholes form when water from melting snow and ice seeps into the pavement and softens it. During repeated cold spells, the water in the pavement freezes and expands, breaking up the pavement, on and below the surface. When the ice melts, it leaves gaps inside the pavement. Traffic traveling over the pavement can cause it to break up, creating the pothole.
Click here to read answers to frequently asked questions about potholes.

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