Prince William firefighter lives big with tiny Stafford home

Photo by: Ariel Moria

Allday opened up his tiny house Airbnb in early November and has been nearly booked since his opening.

The cost of tiny homes like Allday’s range from $50,000 and $70,000.

Prior to getting into the tiny house business, Allday was in the military. He said, after the military, he decided to buy a conversion van and outfit it for living.

“I went up to Canada and just lived in the van for about a year. I left Canada and drove all over the US and lived in it for another year.”

Allday said this experience taught him the philosophy behind tiny homes.

“One of the most difficult things to do is simplify your life,” he says, “There’s things we keep in our life that we think we need but we don’t. They’re just comfort features and things we want. It’s an effort to strip away all of the crap that clouds your space and your soul.”

Allday said the everyday things we’ve become accustomed to like things and social media distract us from connecting more with ourselves and others.

“Creating a space where other people can experience that is what I like to do,” he says.

Allday had two main goals when opening up his tiny home on Airbnb.

“Creating that space and allowing people to come and reconnect with each other and I wanted to find a way to live in my home for free and not have to pay any bills,” Allday said.

Allday said he has received multiple five-star reviews from guests staying in his home since it opened in November of this year.

Lauren, of his five-star guests commented, “Great place to stay! Super cute with lots of amenities. Loved that they left drinks and snacks for us. Great communication. Totally recommend to anyone coming to the area.

Allday said he seeks for his guest to experience something different from the norm. He said he cleans, puts the food out and places mints on the table. He said he makes it very personal and they feel that when they check-in.

“If I can put it in one word, it’s ‘experience,’” Allday says.

Allday said his tiny home is between 450-500 square feet. He said the home has a nice u-shaped lounge, elevated off the floor when you walk in. There is a breakfast nook before you get to the kitchen with two bench seats on each side, perfect for eating or working. The home has a full kitchen and a full bathroom with a composting toilet and there is a queen-sized bed in the upstairs loft.

Allday said those that value space can still enjoy a tiny home by finding privacy in nature, whether that is through walks, hiking or the private cabana outside his home.

Allday’s tiny home is located off Route 17 in Hartwood, in Stafford County.

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