Neighborhood watch meeting planned for Woodbridge

Gainesville fatal crash

Those interested in forming a neighborhood watch program on their streets are encouraged to attend training on Dec. 9, 2019, at 7 p.m.

Learn how to work with the Police Department to keep your neighborhood safe, or to make it safer. Members of current Neighborhood Watch programs are welcome to attend. Topics covered include crime reporting, burglary prevention, Neighborhood Watch guidelines and a Q&A session.

This event is at the Charlie T. Deane Central District Station, 5036 Davis Ford Rd., Woodbridge (22192).

The police department recommends having at least 12 homes involved in a new watch program. The set-up phase can be time-intensive but say there’s less time commitment after the program is up and running.

Police do encourage you to patrol your neighborhood once the program is set up.

It provides a visible deterrent to criminals, keeps people involved in the program and helps the police by using their familiarity with the area to identify suspicious activity.

Another option to formal patrolling is “passive” patrolling. This type of patrolling occurs during you and your neighbor’s daily activities. This can be done when going for a walk, jogging, driving through the community on your way home from work, etc.

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