Raulston seeks to keep seat on school board, focused on removing trailers


Diane Raulston aims to keep her seat on the Prince William County School Board, and says the work to reduce or remove classroom trailers needs to continue.

Name: Diane L. Raulston

Party: Democrat

County: Woodbridge

Running for: Prince William County School Board – Neabsco District

Website: facebook.com/friendsforDianeRaulston

Work: I am a retired activist who currently sits on the PWCS School Board. I represent the Neabsco District.

Education: I attended Kansas State College and majored in English and Journalism.

Community Involvement: In 2007, I moved to Dale City, Virginia where I obtained membership in many local and civic organizations. I am a former member of the Bel Air Women’s Club. I am an active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1503, a lifetime member of the Dale City Civic Association, and volunteer with the Prince William County Lassie League.

On a county level, I was appointed to serve two terms as chair of the Neabsco Budget Committee at the pleasure of my late friend, the Honorable John D. Jenkins, Board of County Supervisors. I am a former member of the Prince William County Disability Services Board, and the Discover Prince William & Manassas Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I received Congressional Recognition of Volunteerism from Congressman Gerald Connolly in 2013 and 2014 and from U.S. Senator Mark Warner in 2014. I currently sit on the Board of directors of the Prince William County Boys and Girls Club. As mentioned

I am currently a sitting member of the PWC School Board, representing the Neabsco District and looking forward to another great four years representing my district.

Questions and Answers

PL: What are the top three major issues facing the district you wish to represent? 

Raulston: Eliminating the remaining trailers. Increasing the district’s school budget, and transportation.

PL: What concrete solutions do you propose to address these issues?

Raulston: School renovations following trailer elimination, work with the board members to increase the school site budgets, and obtaining competitive salaries for school bus drivers.

PL: From your perspective, what is the job description of the office you’re seeking?

Raulston: Oversight of the Superintendent to make sure he is achieving the visions and goals of the district, work within the budget and advocate for the teachers, parents, and students.

PL: What expertise will you bring to the office?

Raulston: As the incumbent, I will bring my four years of experience as a sitting member PWC School Board representing the Neabsco district and my future four-year strategic plan that includes increasing parent involvement and a journey of continuous progress to upgrade technology and systems.

PL: Do you feel that the average citizen is well-informed and understands the workings of local government?

Raulston: No. I intend on improving communication with my constituency by frequent town hall meetings, simplified social media access, and newsletters.

PL: Have you ever made any mistakes in your public life? How have they affected you?

Raulston: No.

PL: Our readers want leaders in local government. Why should they vote for you?

Raulston: Over the last four years I was able to reduce 70% of the trailers in the Neabsco District. We have seen continuous academic progress in our schools at every grade level. Going forward I will continue to work with leadership and the community for the best interests of our students.

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