Dumfries opens new DMV customer service center

DUMFRIES — Need to pay your town taxes? What about getting a new license plate for your car?

You can do that now a new Dumfries DMV Select customer service center that opened on Monday, August 19 in Dumfries. The center is located on the first floor of the town hall building, at 17739 Main Street. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things customer service, said Town Manager Keith Rogers.

In addition to paying their taxes, town residents can also pay parking tickets, apply for permits, and get their business licenses. And, because of a partnership with the state government, the residents can process nearly every DMV transaction (except for getting your driver’s license) inside the new center, including purchasing an E-ZPass to use on the Interstate 95 toll lanes.

“The number one goal here is to improve customer service,” Rogers told Potomac Local.

With Real Estate tax collection already at a high of 97%, Rogers said he hopes the new center will make it easier for residents to come to pay their taxes, which would improve the overall tax collection rate.

On the DMV side of the center, Dumfries will make a small percentage, paid by the state, on every DMV transaction processed at the center. Rogers estimates the town could put up to $100,000 more a year in the town coffers. He hopes to have a better idea of how much cash the center will generate for the town and what it could be spent on in January, the middle fiscal year.

Town employees staff the new center. A new customer service center manager and a new customer service representative were the two new town employees hired to help staff the center.

Much like a DMV, customers can come to the Dumfries center, take a number, and sit and wait to be called to be served.

“The old way, you came in and spoke to the person sitting at the front desk and then they had to search for the right person at the town hall that could help you,” said Rogers.

Stafford County also operates a DMV select inside of its county government center on Courthouse Road.

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