Stranded teens rescued from Aquia Creek

STAFFORD COUNTY — (Press Release) At 4:27 p.m. Thursday, the Stafford County Fire and Rescue Department responded to a reported water rescue on the Aquia Creek.  The caller reported two teenagers, who had been paddleboarding since 6 a.m., on the water calling for help. 

Due to strong winds and low tidal conditions, there was an extreme drop in the water level leaving the paddle boat stranded.  The teens were approximately 150-200 feet from the shoreline.

Fire units accessed the water from Hope Springs Marina on foot and from Widewater Beach by boat.  Rescuers were able to effectively reach the victims via the railroad bridge over the Aquia Creek. 

This caused some delays to both VRE and Amtrak rail traffic for a short period of time.  The US Park Service helicopter was also called to the scene.  The victims were rescued with a rope throw bag and led to shore where they were evaluated and reunited with their family.

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