Pelvic floor: It’s a topic not many women want to talk about

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Driving along Route 1, you may notice a new sign on your commute. It’s a topic not many women want to talk about.

Susan Bahorich, Communications Advisor for Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, talked to Dr. Allyse Weltman of About Women OB-GYN to learn more.

What is your name and official title? Allyse Weltman, MD, MA

When someone hears the term “Uro/Gyn,” what exactly does that mean? It usually means a problem involving the pelvic floor, which would include the uterus and bladder. 

How big of an issue is this? It can be a huge issue for many women, many of whom their lives are compromised because of it. 

What are some symptoms of these problems? The symptoms can include pelvic pain, pelvic pressure, urinary leakage, overactive bladder.

Are these problems just for women 55 years or older? These problems can affect women of any age, especially after having children; but many women who are menopausal experience worsening of symptoms. 

Many women may be dealing with these issues and feel embarrassed. What would you say to those women? There is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is very common and there are many treatment options, so there is no reason they need to suffer.

What treatment is available for these issues? Treatments range from pelvic floor physical therapy, medication options, and a range of surgical options. 

If someone is dealing with these issues, what advice would you give? That there are many options depending on the issue they are having and if their symptoms are interfering with the quality of their lives, it is worth addressing.  

How should someone go about learning what treatment is right for them? Women can give our practice, About Women OB-GYN a call at 703-878-0740, or visit to learn more about pelvic floor disorders.


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