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Prince William, Manassas schools prepare for Florence

From Prince William County Pubilc Schools: 

We have not made any plans to cancel school at this point. However, we will continually monitor the weather forecast and frequently communicate with the Prince William Office of Emergency Management for updates. We also have an agreement with the Office of Emergency Management to provide schools as emergency shelters, if needed.

As far as preparations, please see below:

  • Chainsaws fueled and staged
  • Plywood and rope stocked
  • Portable generators on stand-by
  • Permanent generators at sheltering sites will be topped off with fuel
  • Trucks will be fueled and ready with technicians on-call for any roof leaks, power outages, downed trees, etc.

Construction sites:

  • Sediment traps and silt fences will be cleaned out to maximize the amount of water they can handle
  • All construction materials secured and covered
  • All openings secured

We have also placed the following message on the front of our website: PWCS Monitoring Weather Forecast

“We are monitoring forecasts regarding Hurricane Florence, and we are in frequent contact with the Prince William County Office of Emergency Management. If we receive information that could impact our school schedule, we will communicate that information through our regular inclement weather communication avenues, including our website, the My PWCS app, text messaging, emails, and through the local media.”

From Manassas City Public Schools: 


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