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The Great Xcape a treasure waiting to be discovered

We found the pirate treasure near Manassas.

A group of eight recently solved the clues and opened the locks that revealed a chest of pirate gold and jewels.

This adventure took place at The Great Xcape located at 8314 Browns Lane just outside Manassas. Our group of youth and chaperones from Haymarket Baptist Church ranged in age from 14 to, um, let’s say 50ish.

As with the typical escape room, we were locked in a room filled with clues and false leads and given an hour to solve the puzzle. Unlike other scenarios of this type, instead of escaping, solving the riddles resulted in locating and opening the locked treasure chest.

The current rooms are designed for adults to solve the problems, but without our group of teenagers in the Shipwrecked room, the adults would probably not have made it out before the clock ticked down.

There were written clues that helped to open simple locks and letter locks along with carvings and maps that gave hints to directional locks.

The Great Xcape offers four rooms for puzzle solvers: The Mystery of the Missing Millions, Shipwrecked, The Following, and the Mad Scientist. A fourth room, Earth Defense Network is coming soon for children ages 6-11.

Solving all of the clues in the allotted time took teamwork, a variety of knowledge, and determination. Just about the time, we thought we had it all figured out; we discovered another obstacle. The designers have created an entertaining but “doable” experience.

We will be returning to The Great Xcape. Because rooms are limited to eight puzzler solvers, some of our group had to wait at home, much to their disappointment. They have already vowed to plan their own trip for this adventure.

As our group exited the building, we were celebrating our success and already discussing what room we want to attempt next.

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