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The $500,000 job to fix Bells Hill Road to begin

From VDOT: 

Motorists will observe visible construction work beginning this week on Bells Hill Road in Stafford County, where a portion of the road is closed to through traffic between Virginia Belle Drive and Belle Vine Lane.

Bells Hill Road has been closed to through traffic since June 4, 2018, after heavy rain caused a 250 ft. section of slope to fail. The failure also damaged a portion of the travel lanes.

The road is anticipated to remain closed to through traffic until mid-September 2018.

Starting this week, motorists and area residents should be alert for construction activity in the work zone. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews will begin early construction activities, including clearing brush and trees, removing guardrail and moving utilities.

Several contractors will be used to rebuild the slope and road.

By early August, a project contractor will mobilize in the work zone. Due to the steep terrain, the contractor will use a soil nail launcher to create a retaining wall. The soil nail launcher will drill holes beneath the road and insert steel rods into the ground. The rods are covered with a mesh wire net and anchored with bolts. The entire surface is then covered with a concrete material. This process will take around 30 days to complete. 

After the 250 ft. slope is stabilized, a second contractor and VDOT state forces will work together to excavate and rebuild the damaged portion of Bells Hill Road. Finally, a paving contractor or state forces will prepare the road for traffic by applying fresh asphalt and pavement markings. 

Pre-construction activities to re-open the road have been underway since June 4. VDOT staff worked to start obtaining necessary right-of-entry documents to private property to repair the slope and maneuver construction equipment into position. Staff also secured permits to relocate utilities and carried out several site visits with potential contractors to develop the project’s scope and cost, which is estimated to be $500,000. 

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