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OmniRide summer service change includes lots of bus name changes

From an email: 

OmniRide’s Summer Service Change will take effect on Monday, July 23. New schedule brochures will be available from operators upon request and timetables will be available online starting Monday, July 16.

We recently shared our plans to rebrand our services and you may have already seen hints of our new look and service names. Starting with the July Service Change, we’ll officially be rolling out our new branding! Our new logo and service names will probably seem familiar, but we’re refreshing our look and updating the names to add clarity and better reflect our services.

  • PRTC becomes OmniRide(PRTC will still exist as a multi-jurisdictional public transportation agency, but all of our bus and rideshare services will fall under the OmniRide umbrella name.)
  • OmniRide becomes OmniRide Express.
  • Metro Direct becomes OmniRide Metro Express.
  • OmniLink becomes OmniRide Local.
  • Cross County Connector becomes OmniRide Cross County Connector.
  • OmniMatch becomes OmniRide Ridesharing Service.

The following routes will change; routes not listed below will not change.

OmniRide Express:

  • Dale City-Washington – PM timetable changes; D-103T PM trip extended to serve Dale City Commuter Lot, becomes D-103.
  • Dale City-Pentagon/Rosslyn/Ballston – Revised times for some trips, including shifts in trips that serve Rosslyn/Ballston.
  • Dale City-Navy Yard – Midday timetable changes; one new D-300P trip added after 7 p.m.; PM bus stop at Dale & Glendale moving 150 feet east, across the street from Comcast.
  • Lake Ridge-Washington – PM timetable changes; one PM trip removed.
  • Lake Ridge-Pentagon/Crystal City – One early PM L-200P trip added; L-210 will start at the Pentagon; AM and PM timetable changes.
  • Montclair-Washington/Pentagon – CL-X trip discontinued; one new trip added to Montclair-Pentagon after 7 p.m.
  • South Route 1 – CL-X trip discontinued (see Montclair above).
  • Manassas-Washington – M-101 PM, M-103 PM and M-106 PM trips extended to serve Cushing Road Commuter Lot.
  • Manassas-Pentagon – M-201G PM and M-202G PM trips will travel via I-395/I-495 to I-66.
  • Gainesville-Washington – Some Manassas Express trips extended to Cushing Road Commuter Lot (see above).

OmniRide Local:

  • Dale City – Bus stop at Dale & Glendale (toward Chinn Center) moving 150 feet east, across the street from Comcast.

OmniRide Cross County Connector: Eastbound and westbound timetable changes; no longer serves New Directions School.

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