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‘Three to four business tenants since 2016…depend on our private lot to do business’

Thank you for your community publication that provides local news online. Upon reading the May 31, 2018 article, below is some information we feel important to say in regard to our 9409-9413 Private Parking Lot.

The gate/fence design that was approved by the city is designed to allow for emergency access. Thank you for posting the January photo of the City approved gate/fence design at the end of your article.

The neighbor’s tenant, Shining Sol Candle Company, have their Center Street business property to dispose of their trash, and to do their business. Their business crate loads have been as large as a typical crate when I spoke to them May 2 trespass and as large as two crate loads at a time in a prior to May 2nd trespass.

City business large loading/unloading happens in the City of Manassas frequently, so the opportunity to check their City loading/unloading options have been present.

Although our property is private, with private property signs in our lot, adding a gate/fence like other private businesses have is apparently not out of the ordinary.

Three to four business tenants since 2016, without gap, depend on our private lot to do business, so it is important that our small business private parking lot
rights are protected.

Together, we are thankful for our City, and the opportunity to offer our business services, and for our private parking lot story told in Potomac Local.

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