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I-95 Express tolls suspended due to flooding — No access at Prince William Parkway

Officials have suspended tolls on the Interstate 95 Express Lanes this morning.

Flooding on the I-395 HOV Lanes at Landmark in Alexandria has caused major backups on the main lanes of Interstates 95 and 395.

There is no access to the Express Lanes at Prince William Parkway in Woodbridge.

From I-95 Express Lanes spokeswoman Pierce Coffee:

“…flooding on 395 means it has remained closed this morning as crews pump out the water. We’re working to have it open as soon as possible.

The Lanes are being closed and diverted at Prince William Parkway in coordination with Virginia State

Police and VDOT to try and manage this morning’s incidents and closures.

We’re working to have all lanes reopened as quickly, and safely, as we can.”

The reversible lanes are expected to close to all traffic at 11 a.m. for its regularly scheduled turnaround time, reopening at 1 p.m. for drivers headed south from Washington, D.C. into Virginia. 

From the National Weather Service:

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