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Charges filed after electronic threat made against Hylton High School student

From Prince William police: 

Threats of Bodily Harm | Threats on School Grounds – On April 10 at 5:26PM, officers responded to a residence located in Woodbridge to investigate a threatening message against a student of Hylton High School located at 14051 Spriggs Rd in Woodbridge (22193). The investigation revealed that the victim received several threatening messages communicated over the social media app “Instagram” from two user accounts that suggested an act of violence against the student while at the school.

On April 11, another student reported to a School Resource Officer (SRO) that he had found graffiti written on a bathroom stall also suggesting an act of violence at the school. Upon further investigation of both incidents, detectives with the Intel Unit and the SRO determined that the same student who found and reported the threatening graffiti had also fraudulently created the two Instagram accounts. Further investigation also determined that the same suspect wrote the graffiti on the bathroom stall then reported it. Detectives subsequently determined that the risk to the school was not credible. Following the investigation, the SRO obtained and served petitions for the student on April 13.

Charged on April 13: [Juvenile]

A 16-year-old male of Woodbridge

Charged with  communicating a threat of bodily harm over electronic means, threats of serious bodily injury on school property, and destruction of property

Court Date: Pending | Status: Held at a Juvenile Detention Center

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