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State officials to review need for new Haymarket power line in February

Photo: Dominion Energy

A date has been set in Richmond for a new State Corporation Commission hearing to determine if a new 10-mile, 234,000 kv powerline is needed in Haymarket.

From an email: 

“The State Corporation Commission has scheduled a public evidentiary hearing in Richmond at 10 a.m. on February 8, 2018 on the Haymarket Transmission Line Project.  An SCC Hearing Examiner will receive the testimony of public witnesses and evidence from Dominion Energy, the Commission staff and the parties in the case.  I have attached [PDF] the SCC ruling for your information.”

The new hearing is prompted by new evidence uncovered by the SCC after Dominion requested, and failed to get, cooperation with Prince William County to build the power line along the Carver Road alternative as opposed to the overhead route along Interstate 66.

“I find the SCC’s recent decision to re-open the case and include new testimony as to the questionable need a significant step forward in protecting the communities of western [Prince William County],” Jeanine Lawson told Potomac Local via email.

New evidence is expected to be entered into the record during the hearing by the applicant that wishes to build the new line, Dominion Energy. Some of that new evidence is changes to the proposed routes laid out by Dominion. 

Prince William County officials. the Somerset Crossing Home Owners Association, and Coalition to Protect Prince William have long opposed the proposed power line. The new line would run from the intersection of Prince William Parkway (Route 223 Business) to a new Amazon-owned data center outside Haymarket.

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