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Kline development heads for public hearing Wednesday at Planning Commission

About a month and a half after its scheduled debut, the proposed Kline Development is now ready for prime time.

The Prince William County Planning Commission on Wednesday is scheduled to hear from developer Stanley Martin about its request to rezone 100 acres of land at the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Liberia Avenue just outside Manassas and build 392 new homes.

They would be a mix of single-family and townhomes constructed in a mix-use setting. Multiple businesses are proposed to be built on the property adjacent to the new homes to include a new Sheetz gas station, CVS Pharmacy, and a self-storage lot.

A revised proposal also outlines the possibility of the dedication of a new elementary school site. Under the old plan, the developer was going to provide enough cash to add one trailer classroom to Signal Hill Elementary School to help offset the influx of new children the development would bring to that school.

Additionally, a plan for a drive-through restaurant was slashed from the proposal.

Stanley Martin was to appear before the Planning Commission for a rezoning public hearing on Oct. 4, 2017, but requested more time to review and amend its proposal.

The proposed land rezoning, which would change the designation of the old Kline dairy farm from agricultural to planned mixed-use and general business development has sparked an outcry from citizens who oppose the project.

Eighty emails to county staff from residents opposed to the project and one for the project have been collected by county planning office staff. The big objection comes as Kline would put more cars on the region’s already congested roadways.

The development is now estimated to generate some 15,480 new trips on area roadways, including Route 28, which has been dubbed the most congested road in Northern Virginia.

Stanley Martin Homes didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment for this story.

County staff recommended approval of the Kline development because, as it states, the project will ease traffic as there are a series of bus stops planned for the center. Also, because it’s a mixed-use development and because it supports the county’s goal of adding new businesses to attain a commercial tax base of at least 35 percent.

The plan needs to pass the Planning Commission before it can move ahead to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. If it doesn’t pass, the land cannot be developed as proposed, however, another developer could bring forth a new plan for consideration at a later date.

The Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15 at the Prince William County Government Center’s McCoart Administration Building.

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