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Prince William police deploy officers to assist with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico

From Prince William County police:

Prince William County, Virginia: The Prince William County Police Department, in conjunction with the Virginia and Prince William County Departments of Emergency Management, has begun deploying officers to Puerto Rico to assist first responders in that area with the ongoing recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria which devastated the area in September.

Today, the first rotation of eight officers will fly to the region for a 14-day assignment. Two additional rotations of eight officers are scheduled for staggered deployment over the next six-weeks. In preparation for this assignment, over 100 officers on the Department volunteered to assist in this effort knowing conditions were less than desirable in the area. This tremendous, overwhelming response demonstrates our officer’s willingness and selflessness to help others in time of need.

This deployment to Puerto Rico is not the first mutual-aid request for our Department following a natural disaster. In the late-fall of 2005, members of the Department were sent to assist local jurisdictions with recovery efforts in Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita wreaked destruction in the region.

Chief Barry Barnard and fellow Department members and staff wish these officers safe travels and our profound appreciation for representing Prince William County in such an admirable endeavor.

Pictured: First deployment of eight officers with Majors Kevin Hughart & Jarad Phelps (left) and Chief Barry Barnard (right)

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