‘I live on Signal Hill Road and there is a lot of traffic in the morning speeding down our small, residential road’

We’re getting answers to some of the questions that we didn’t have time to ask at our Davis Ford and Yates Ford roads Traffic Think Tank on Oct. 19.

Today’s question:

“People shortcut through other roads to get through some of the Yates Ford Road traffic. I live on Signal Hill Road and there is a lot of traffic in the morning speeding down our small, residential road. Is there anything that can be done to reduce this traffic and/or speeding?”

Prince William County Police Department Central District Commander Capt. James L. Carr replied:


“There are certain things that we do with our motorcycle traffic unit…yes we enforce all type of traffic calming measures like for example we put our speed indicator side out there and that will show people hey we’re out there looking at your traffic. And it also has a deterring effect.”Hey I better not go down this road because I know that the motorcycle guys are out there and I could get a ticket.”

What a speed indicator sign and how does it work?

“A speed indicator sign is, say for example the speed limit will just is 25 mph on a roadway. We set our speed indicator up to show the person coming through that area, it’ll flash with their speed is. If you’re at 25, it’ll show you’re at 25. Then it will give you a different indicator like a white flash if you’re going above the speed limit. This device will also flash red if you’re way above the speed limit and it will show you what your speed is.

Also this device records whether or not you take action based on the signals showing you that you’re speeding and we have seen, based on our data, that once an individual knows ‘hey…you’re driving above the speed limit,’ it shows us a percentage or reduction of their speed after the indicator shows that they’re speeding.”

The police need to know there is a speeding problem on your street.

“All we need is for the citizen to tell us hey at this particular time of the day especially on this day I see speeding whatever it is, and we go out there, and we enforce the traffic laws.”

Photo: Prince William County

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