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‘adding roundabouts at the Davis Ford…Yates Ford Rd in Prince William County…Henderson Rd…Old Yates Ford Rd in Fairfax County will help’

In advance of our upcoming Occoquan District Congestion Think Tank for Davis Ford and Yates Ford Road at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19 (you should come), here’s an idea to help traffic flow along the popular two-lane commuter route that links Prince William and Fairfax counties.

From Mark Scheufler/@FixRoute28

Would Rt. 28 improvements help Yates Ford drivers?

Any additional crossing of the Bull Run/Occoquan River will help commuters currently using Yates Ford Road as a cut through option.  The only new capacity planned are an additional High Occupancy Toll Lane (HOT) in each direction on I-66 and along Route 28 north of Yorkshire.  It is unclear how much capacity will be added across the Bull Run on Route 28.  It could be one lane in each direction or two lanes in each direction.  But improvements are not expected until at least 2024.   Improving the Route 1/Route 123/I-95 interchange would also help commuters currently cutting through Clifton to get to Fort Belvior.

Until major improvements are completed along the major thoroughfares adding roundaboutat the Davis Ford Rd and Yates Ford Rd in Prince William County and at Henderson Rd and Old Yates Ford Rd in Fairfax County will help manage the flow/spacing of traffic along the corridor. ge

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