Russell Harrison is running to the be the next Manassas City Treasurer. This is his second time around running for the office. 

This is his second time around running for the office. Harrison lost by three points to current officeholder Patricia Richie-Folks during a special election held last November. 

This election season, we’re asking candidates who wish to reach our readers a “why you should vote for me” email by Oct. 27, 2017. 

Harrison sent us this email below: 

I am a nonprofit executive and former Manassas Volunteer of the Year, and I would like to be the next Manassas City Treasurer.   I am running to restore the professional standards to the office that many in Manassas believe have slipped.

The City Treasurer is a full-time professional position.  We need someone who understands how to run an office, understands laws and regulations, and who understands complicated finance and budgeting. We need someone who can lead.

I do and I can.  I am the only candidate with the background to do the job right.

I am currently a senior executive with the IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  There I manage a professional staff that I built over the past several years.  My career with nonprofits has spanned over 20 years and includes earning my CAE (Certified Association Executive), the highest level of professional certification in the nonprofit world.    

Both my Masters in Public Management and my CAE required learning advanced finance, budgeting, and management.  I also have extensive practical experience with organizational budgets and financing, as well as financial and budget policy, through my work with the IEEE.  

Here in the City of Manassas, I’ve been a dedicated volunteer leader for well over a decade.  My service to Manassas includes four years as a member of the Manassas Planning Commission, eight years as a CCD teacher at All Saints Church, seven years as a school volunteer, and six years on the Manassas Electoral Board.

In 2015, I was honored to be named Manassas Volunteer of the Year, and am one of the youngest people ever to earn that award.

Public service is a tradition in my family.  My wife and I met in a service fraternity in college.  Stepping up and contributing to our schools and community is simply part of who we are.  We enjoy it, and I’m looking forward to contributing even more as City Treasurer.

Kathy, my wife of 19 years, is President of the Metz PTA, and served as President of the Mayfield and Haydon PTAs previously.  We’ve both volunteered for Manassas Public Schools for years to help make our schools better for all of our children, but also to provide an example to our son.  

Robin Perkins, Manassas’ past Treasurer who served with distinction as for 19 years before retiring last year, has endorsed me in this election.  Nobody knows better what it takes to be a successful Treasurer than Robin.  I am very proud that she believes I am the best person to replace her.

I have earned a reputation for honesty, hard work and integrity here in Manassas.  Moreover, I have demonstrated an ability and commitment to serving all residents in this city.  As Chair of the Electoral Board in particular, I worked to ensure that our elections were as fair, open and accessible to all citizens as possible.  Manassas needs a Treasurer who can work across party lines, neighborhoods and other divisions in our city.  I’ve been doing exactly that over a decade – and you can be sure I will continue to work to pull our community together as your Treasurer.

Lastly, all government officials must obey the ethics rules, but Treasurers, who are entrusted with the people’s money, need to be above reproach.  I have demonstrated in my career, in my service to Manassas and in my personal life a sincere commitment to the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.  I will bring this commitment into the Manassas City Treasurer’s office.

You can learn more about my campaign at and on Facebook at #Russ4Manassas.

Our new City Treasurer will be elected on November 7.

At Potomac Local, we will never tell you for whom to vote for but if you have strong feelings toward a candidate and want to tell our readers who to vote for, you may submit your post for publication