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Gainesville under 21 club transitioning to restaurant, comedy venue

GAINESVILLE — That didn’t last long.

Club Eclipse, the only under 21-club in Prince William County, will transition into a restaurant and live comedy venue in the coming weeks.

While a menu has yet to be established, drinks will also be served once the transition is complete.

Eclipse opened about three months ago, and, so far, the attendance has been disappointing.

“The kids aren’t’ showing up,” said owner Jason Flis.

And that has left Flis and his team scratching their heads. The establishment opened and catered to teens, and had multiple security guards, a dress code, and drug-sniffing dogs on site, he said.

“We don’t know if that was scaring them off,” he added.

Right now, the club is still open for teens and does not yet serve alcoholic drinks. It is the only venue in Prince William County that caters to an under-21 crowd.

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