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Effingham Manor winery set to open by end of the month

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY — The founder of Pearmund Cellars in Fauquier County is ready to open his next venue, in Prince William.

A new winery, Effingham Manor, will open by the end of the month on Trotters Ridge Place in Nokesville. It will sit on the site of a 250-year-old plantation built for William Alexander, the great grandson of John Alexander for whom Alexandria, Va. is named.

Once a 42-square mile plantation, the land still features a manor house, slaves quarters, smoke house, well house, and a swimming pool house that added in the early 20th century. The property is hidden large trees planted by Lewis and Clark on their expedition west, as local lore has it.

“Our property is full of history,” said Chris Pearmund, a vintner who has become synonymous with other Virginia wine ventures like Vint Hill Craft Winery, and The Winery at LaGrange, before he sold it to Chinese investors.

In addition to its colonial-era past, Effingham Manor also boasts recent history, too. In June, a Prince William County Circuit Court Judge ruled in Pearmund’s favor to allow Effingham to open, following a lawsuit by a group of residents who live near the soon-to-open winery.

Prior to the court ruling, residents argued the commercial property would bring unwanted traffic to the neighborhood, and violated their HOA covenants.

Effingham will feature 10 wines at the opening, from chardonnay to viognier. Some of the wines will be made from grapes that were planted with Pearmind purchased the property in 2015, while other wines will showcase grapes from his other wineries.

“They’re going to support us while we grow our grapes, and get up to speed,” said Pearmund.

The winery is still waiting for its blessing from the Virginia ABC in the form of a license to sell alcohol on the premises. Once in hand, hopefully for Pearmund, the winery will open to the public.

The wine owners plan to dedicate a historical marker to note the historic nature of the property on Sept. 30. The event will serve as sort of an opening ceremony for Effingham, as well as a kick-off to Virginia Wine Month, said Pearmund.

The winery is located at 14337 Trotters Ridge Place in Nokesville.

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