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New contract awarded for trailer classrooms

PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY — Prince William County’s next batch of trailer classrooms will come from North Carolina.

The school division this week approved a new contract with Modular Technologies, of Kinston, N.C. for the future acquisition of trailer, or modular classrooms, as the division calls them.

There are no plans to add to the division’s fleet of 211 portable trailer classrooms dispatched to schools across the county, said schools spokeswoman Irene Cromer.

However, when it does, the division has agreed to pay Modular Technologies up to $48,000 for a single-wide trailer, and up to $62,000 for a double-wide trailer. Those prices include extras like carpeting, siding, and delivery costs.

According to school division documents, the school system placed a public bid was distributed to more than 600 companies. The runner-up was U.S. Modular Group East, Inc., of Baldwin, Md. That company quoted $68,000 for a single-wide with extras and delivery cost, and $91,000 for a double-wide.

There are trailers at county elementary schools than anywhere else in the system, with 128 portable classrooms deployed. High and middle schools rank second and third with 41 and 30 trailers at county schools, respectively.

The Woodbine Preschool and New Dominion Alternative Learning centers also have a combined total of 12 trailers.

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