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Hidden along Route 28, Eavesdrop Brewery to open late fall

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PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY — A new brewery located in Yorkshire will invite commuters to pull out of traffic and get into a tasting room.

Eavesdrop Brewery will offer a taste of rural Virginia just outside Manassas, serving farm-brewed beer made with ingredients sourced from the farm where it was brewed.

Also offered there will be tastings of locally-made cheeses, meats, and honey from farms west of Manassas, located between Marshall and Front Royal.

The brewery will be located on Route 28 in Yorkshire, near the new Orchard Bridge apartments and the Fairfax County line. The brewery is still under construction and is partially made from an old building that was used to grow racing pigeons. 

“The space was used for that purpose, and that’s good to know as we incorporate our farm-to-table model,” said Jeb Carney, a co-founder of Eavesdrop Brewery.

Two types of beer will be featured at Eavesdrop: traditional brews made of hops, and old-style brews made with gruits, botanicals added to ales for their flavoring and antibacterial properties in the 1600’s a before the mass production of beer and its reliance on hops.

Some of the gruits and hops will be grown on site, with hop strands streaming from the ground to the eaves of the building, said Carney. A 30×60 foot garden will be used to grow ingredients on site. 

The new brewery will have new neighbors in the developing Orchard Bridge apartment complex next door. The brewery will be an easy walk for many of the residents there.

It’s location along busy Route 28, dubbed the most congested corridor in Northern Virginia, is also a plus.

“The location is serendipitous,” said Carney. “Traffic on Route 28 is exceptional, with a high volume. How many people will be willing to pull out of the flow of traffic and taste some great farm-fresh food and beer? We’ll have to see.”

The brewery located at 7223 Centreville Road is not clearly visible from the road and sits behind a building with least four other businesses, called Yorkshire Center. The brewery will have its own parking lot with 50 spaces, according to Carney.

The owners plan to open in late November or early December. 

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